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Dear Readers,

From ballerina to teacher to astronaut to an actress, my childhood aspirations were far and wide. It wasn’t until 11th grade when I imagined being a writer – more specifically, a journalist. I took a journalism class at my high school, and that was it. I had found the platform for the rest of my life’s journey.


Dear Readers – November

“What are you doing after graduation?” That is the question I hear most in my life. I heard it once before when I was in high school, but this time I do not know what to answer. My first response was easy: “I’m starting this fall at North Central University in Minneapolis.” But now that I’m leaving this place, where will I go next?


The Life of a Commuter Student

North Central is primarily made up of students that live on campus. However, some students choose to commute to class and other activities rather than live in the dorms or the apartments. There are different motives why commuters chose to live off campus: finances, work, and family are some of the most popular reasons.

Senior elementary education major Morgan Miller decided that commuting would be a great way for her to save money.

“Now that I’m a senior, it’s been easier to stick with that decision since both of my jobs are close to home,” said Miller.