Top 5 NCU Memes January Edition

February 26, 2022

The NCU Memes4U page is no secret on campus and is often used as an outlet for student opinion. Let’s take a look at the top 5 most liked memes from the month of January.

#5 Athletic Scholarships (Or Lack Thereof)

With 56 likes, posted by yours truly, this meme sparked some angst amongst current and former NCU student-athletes in the comment section. It’s funny because it’s true!

#4 Todd Monger Sighting 

A Todd Monger spotting was documented and posted on NCU Memes4U (garnering the post 61 likes). The only question is, does Todd Monger look a little like Aragorn?

#3 The Graduation Ticket Scandal

Coming in at 64 likes, this spicy meme posted by Kon Nagy was sure to draw people’s attention. Check out the comment section of this meme for some fun commentary on the recent graduation limit scandal (Must request access to the page first).

#2 Make my Father Proud

It wouldn’t be a month at NCU Memes4U without a lovely President Hagan meme. Coming in with a steady 67 likes, this self-fulfilling prophecy hit NCU students a little close to home. How many ring by springs have we had this year?


With a solid 65 likes, this meme earned itself “Northerner’s Choice” in a unanimous vote done by the writing and editing staff.

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The students have spoken, we have listened...

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