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Fighting the Unseen Enemy

Comparing Two Pandemics 102 Years Apart In 1918, a world entrenched by war was also being consumed by an invisible battle: the Spanish flu. Though the virus began circulating the globe in spring of 1918, it would only be mere months before the sickness began stealing the lives of Minnesotans. Over two years, the deadly...


Twin Cities Museums Struggle to Stay Afloat Amidst COVID-19

On March 13, 2020, in response to the threat of COVID, Governor Walz issued an executive stay-at-home order that changed the future preservation of Twin Cities Museums, and with it changed the preservation of Minnesota’s past. The executive order impacted Twin Cities museums with mandating attendance limits, deflating museum income, and ultimately causing an uncertain...


COVID-19 Closure Hits Campus Housing; North Central Quickly Converts All Classes to Online; No Return From Spring Break; All Sports, Trips, Conferences, Meetings Canceled

North Central President Scott Hagan announced the suspension of all on-campus classes, activities, and spring sports for the remainder of the semester March 18 to protect the North Central community from the global COVID-19 pandemic.  In an email sent to the campus in March, Hagan said that it would be safer for students, faculty and staff to...