About Us

The Official News Organization of North Central University since 1960

The Northerner is NCU’s very own student-run newspaper. From sports to academics to Minneapolis news, we cover it all! The Northerner has seen some change over the past years, moving from hardcopy paper to a digital source in news. We have revamped our style in hopes to reach a wider audience while upholding journalistic standards in seeking out the truth.

Email us at ncunortherner@gmail.com with questions or comments.

Staff & Writers

Professor Priscilla Koeckeritz – Staff Advisor

An accomplished business operations and marketing strategy leader for Brin Glass Company, Priscilla Koeckeritz is in the business of solving industry challenges and driving growth. Her expansive management experience coupled with her unique entrepreneurship expertise, ranging from software creation to dynamic marketing and business development strategies, has made her a trusted leader and inspiring mentor.

Multi-tasking in both the conference room and classroom, Priscilla brings fresh perspective to students as an adjunct communications professor at North Central University and lends her business network to developing internships and opportunities for emerging professionals.  As advisor to the Northerner since January 2022, she is working with student leaders to build the now online digital publication into a fully student-run organization feeding information to students on campus and the local NCU and Minneapolis communities.

Priscilla is passionate about developing the next generation of leaders. She teaches communication classes each semester bridging students from classroom work into experiential learning projects to build their professional skill set. She gives back to the business community by mentoring women into leadership roles and helping startup companies through programs such as MN Cup.

Hannah Grubbs – Editor

Hi everyone! My name is Hannah Grubbs and I am this year’s editor-in-chief of the Northerner. This will be my last year on staff as I graduate in December with a degree in Journalism. Over the past four years, I have enjoyed writing and editing for this paper, especially being able to see it grow to bring more content to a digital space. 

I’m originally from Ohio, right outside the Cleveland area. I was recruited to play basketball initially, fell in love with the city and campus, and eventually joined the soccer team as well. My communication classes introduced me to the Institute for Digital Humanity in which I now head up the Filter Bubble initiative and help with other sorts of research and development projects. I was recently hired as the College of Arts & Sciences Academic Admin for a full time position. So although I will be graduating (in one semester!), I’ll still be around NCU and involved with the Northerner in some capacity.

Outside all that, I love music, both playing and listening. I grew up playing the piano, so I have a soft spot for classical, orchestra, jazz type music, but my average day of listening includes alternative, pop, and R&B. I enjoy going out to the movies or staying in, just movies in general. Some of my favorites (in no particular order) from the last year would have to be Nope, The Lie, Don’t Look Up, and Top Gun Maverick.

Micah Headley – Editor

Hello, my name is Micah Headley and I am a media communications major in my senior year. I joined the Northerner because I was not always a huge fan of journalistic writing but I knew that I had to grow beyond my comfort zone so I jumped right in to get some hands-on experience.

I graduated from Forest Lake High School and ever since I stepped out those doors for the last time I knew that my future was here at NCU. I really didn’t look around much because I knew North Central had the exact on-campus culture I was looking for, this university is relatively small but offers some of the greatest opportunities. Since my freshman year I have been involved with the IDH and Dr. Aaron McKain and I now serve as their Research Project Manager. I recently joined the newly established Esports program and I am very excited to see how it develops. I love to make music in my free time and play the drums at my parent’s church that launched just over a year ago.

Madi Olejnicak – Editor

Hello! My name is Madi Olejnicak and I am a senior year journalism student. This will be my fourth and final semester on the Northerner staff, and I can hardly believe it. I’ve loved my time at North Central, and it graduating will seem so surreal. Time really flies! In terms of writing, I love to write historical pieces and anything to do with Minnesota history. In my spare time, I like to spend time with my friends, paint, and be active. In high school, I used to play soccer and compete in rodeo events with my horse.

 A fun fact about me! I own a 25-year-old white appaloosa horse named Cali that I’ve had since I was in eighth grade. She loves to eat oranges and absolutely detests Cheeze-Its. She will chew through my pockets if I don’t hand her a snack the moment she sees me, haha! In addition to that, I help run a Bible study at my barn for girls ages 7-16. After graduating in May, I look forward to resuming my old high school hobbies, visiting old friends, and getting involved in ministry.

Izzy Krebs – Writer

My name is Isabelle, also known as Izzy, Krebs. I am a Junior and my major is Journalism with a track in Public Relations in Business. I chose to join the Northerner because of my interest in writing and wanted to gain some great experience by writing for NCU’s school newspaper. I think it will sharpen my skills and push me out of my comfort zone more and more. I chose to come to NCU because of the environment, the faculty-to-student ratio, and the people. I have been immensely grateful to have been at NCU for already two full years and I have learned so much from my professors, faculty, students, and job opportunities. I’m excited to see where my future takes me!

Upon coming to NCU, I was given a wide variety of writing opportunities in classes. Those really opened my eyes to my writing capabilities and challenged me as a new writer. The whole process of setting up and conducting the interviews, and writing the first, second, third drafts to get to a solid piece of writing taught me so much. Along with that, I am the Public Relations Intern for the College of Arts and Sciences at NCU. I have really enjoyed the real-life experiences and seeing the many large accomplishments made during this internship. As for my hobbies, I love to watch movies, especially rom coms. You name it and I’ve most likely watched it. On the flip side, I really love outdoor activities, whether it’s camping, kayaking, hiking, going on walks, bike rides, etc. I also dabble in photography.

Clara Galley – Writer

Hi there! My name is Clara Galley and I am a Junior at North Central University studying Media Communications. I am so excited to join the Northerner staff this year! I wanted to join because I have a passion for storytelling, both fiction and non-fiction, and I want to tell the stories of the people in and around this campus. I grew up in Lakeville, Minnesota, so I have always been close to North Central. I had visited NCU many times throughout my childhood and teen years, so I was able to get an idea of the community and values. When the time came for me to go to college, I felt that God had called me to be a student here.

Some of the things I have participated in at NCU include Render, the Institute for Digital Humanity, and Delta Kappa, the women’s ministry on campus. These are all great ways to get involved on campus, and they have helped me grow in my skills and passions! I am an avid movie-goer and coffee drinker. You will often find me with an iced latte in my hand walking around campus. Something that goes hand-in-hand with my love of films is filmmaking. One of my favorite things is to write, film, and edit my own short films. Some of my other biggest passions include music and worship leading, graphic design, and reading!


Andrea Huichapa – Writer

Hello, my name is Andrea. I am a Sophomore here at NCU majoring in Communications with a track in PR/Business and a minor in leadership. I joined the Northerner because I love being able to communicate with all students on campus through this amazing source of communication. Although I am a PR major and the Northerner is known for writing, I definitely think there is a place for me to be a part of this amazing Northerner team, by helping out in different areas and maybe even expanding some ideas and posting other content to reach different platforms. 

I was born and raised in Minnesota but my parents are originally from Mexico. I chose NCU because of the community and because of the faith-based culture they have here. Here at NCU, they have several organizations, clubs, and sports that everyone can be a part of. One organization that I am a part of is LU (Latinos Unidos). It is an organization meant to reach on-campus Latinx students and to teach other people on campus about our culture. I have several hobbies and passions, some of those consist of hanging out with friends and family, playing volleyball, and exploring the city. 

Sierra Welch – Writer

Hello, my name is Sierra Welch and I am a junior here at North Central University! I am studying and majoring in Communications with a Journalism emphasis including a Bible Studies Minor. Things that I enjoy are hiking… honestly any sort of outdoor escapade! I thoroughly enjoy being outside and experiencing the goodness of God’s wonderful and profound creation! Whether it be taking in the sight of a towering majestic mountain, hearing the gentle rainfall tap upon fresh spring leaves, feeling the softness of vibrant green moss under my fingertips, or delighting in the song of birds. I love to canoe or kayak along a winding river or across an expansive lake, especially to camp along the edge of a body of water.

While I love to directly experience adventure I also adore the quest of the imagination while reading books with vivid imagery and a captivating plot! I also love to drink hot coffee, thrift, and engage in meaningful deep chats. Lastly, I am very excited to be on the Northerner Staff this year! I am excited to aid in bringing exciting, delightful, and enthralling stories to the paper that will be engaging and insightful for our NCU community!

 Garret Olesen – Writer

Hello everyone! My name is Garret Olesen, and I’m a senior at NCU majoring in Management Information Systems and minoring in Business Administration. Last year, I took a web design class where I found out about The Northerner and got a chance to work on it from a technical perspective. Now, in my last semester, I thought it would be fun and challenging to be part of the Northerner and put my years of college writing skills to use!

A little bit more about me. I’m currently working as a software development intern for Infor, and I primarily work within the payables section of their financial management software. I’ve been working there for over a year and a half, and I hope to continue working there full-time after graduating this spring. Apart from work and school, my favorite thing to do is bowling. I’ve been bowling since I was 5 years old on various leagues, and I bowled for my high school team where I was on the 1st team all-state my senior year. Since graduating high school, I’ve joined a men’s league and this past year I was the assistant coach for my old high school bowling team.

I’m looking forward to this semester and being part of The Northerner!

 David Wollner – Writer

Hello! My name is David Wollner, and I am a sophomore Secondary Communication Arts major. My hobbies typically deal with anything story related, whether it be watching movies and television shows or reading books and writing poetry. I also enjoy writing journal entries by hand, as they help me process my thoughts in a more concise manner. There is a special feeling that comes out of writing words down on a page, no matter how physical the page really is. I also enjoy hanging out with people and having in-depth discussions on topics that sometimes matter, and sometimes do not.

I joined this class due to the fact that, out of all the electives I could have chosen, this has a focus on writing. There is much that one is able to do with words, and to deny this class would be tantamount to diminishing my potential enjoyment of my final sophomore semester. Along with that, I am quite an opinionated individual, and this class seems to fit that a bit. Of course, there is quite the reliance on being factual, so I do not plan on letting my own biases dirty my work, but I am expecting to find pleasure in balancing the two. 

Renée Edgington – Writer

My name is Renée Edgington, and I’m a Secondary ELA Education major. I am currently a Junior, but due to PSEO and transferring this past year, I am in my fourth year of college courses. Even though I intend to go into teaching writing, I am a huge fan of doing it myself. I’m excited to learn more about the experience of journalism and reporting, and I hope to have fun doing it! In my hometown of Otsego, MN, there are plenty of parks and quiet places that I’ve enjoyed writing at. Just for the record, I do not live on a farm. That seems to be a common concern when people learn I’m from Otsego.

I chose to study at NCU because of the close community. I came from Northwestern, St. Paul, where I just didn’t quite feel like it fit. When I came to NCU during welcome week, I was terrified but quickly adopted by professors and friends. I’ve become involved with the commuter group on campus, and I’ve loved going to events with them. When I’m not doing homework or working, I’m usually playing video games, read, or dance.