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The Official News Organization of North Central University since 1960

The Northerner is NCU’s very own student-run newspaper. From sports to academics to Minneapolis news, we cover it all! The Northerner has seen some change over the past years, moving from hardcopy paper to a digital source in news. We have revamped our style in hopes to reach a wider audience while upholding journalistic standards in seeking out the truth.

Email us at ncunortherner@gmail.com with questions or comments.

Staff & Writer                                 Madi Olejnicak – Professor


Hello! My name is Professor O and I am the faculty director for The Northerner 2023-2024! I recently graduated from North Central with a journalism degree in May of 2023, and I am so excited to be back. The Northerner is a passion of mine because it helped jumpstart my career as a journalist, amidst a time when I was becoming a published author. When I was younger, I never imagined myself being a teacher at 22. (Much less a college professor!) But here I am! By day, I am a communications director at a marketing company, and a published author of The Social Media Mess. In the future, I hope to write more faith-based books for young adults struggling with big questions about Jesus and their faith. In my spare time I love hanging out with my friends, taking care of my animals, and painting. My dream one day is to own a farm and use elements inside it (like horses) as a therapy tool for those struggling with anxiety and depression.


                                                                                                                                   Sierra Welch – Editor

Hello! My name is Sierra Welch, I am a Communication Journalism major, and I am a transfer student from Winona State University. I am very excited to be on the Northerner editorial staff this year. My desire is to aid students in cultivating their written talents to bring our North Central University community riveting content that will enrich their lives and college experience. Outside of finishing my Bachelors degree, I am passionate about bringing God’s wonder, beauty, and truth to the world. I long to do this through writing, how I live my life, and with how I engage with the world. A few things I am passionate about are protecting unborn children, enjoying God’s wonderful handcrafted creation, and bringing adventure into the lives of those I interact with. I was drawn to North Central University because I desire to acquire scholastic achievement through the lens of a common Christian worldview. This worldview is based upon an understanding that God is the Creator of the heavens and the earth, He is the King of Kings who left the majesty of heaven to save my soul, and based on an adoration of the greatest Being that has ever or will ever exist. I am excited to share with you engaging, informative, and inspiring content this semester!

                                                                         Clara Galley – Editor 

Hi There! My name is Clara Galley and I am a Senior at North Central University Studying Media Communications with a minor in English. I am so excited to be an editor for the Northerner this year! I wanted to join because I have a passion for storytelling, both fiction and non-fiction, and I want to tell the stories of the people in and around this campus. I grew up in Lakeville, Minnesota, so I have always been close to North Central. I had visited NCU many times throughout my childhood and teen years, so I was able to get an idea of the community and values. When the time came for me to go to college, I felt that God had called me to be a student here. Some of the things I have participated in NCU include Render, Residence Life, the Institute for Digital Humanity, and Delta Kappa, the women’s ministry on campus. These are all great ways to get involved on campus, and they have helped me grow in my skills and passions! I am an avid movie-goer and coffee drinker. You will often find me with an iced latte in my hand walking around campus. Something that goes hand-in-hand with my love of films is film making. One of my favorite things is to write, film, and edit my own short films. Some of my other biggest passions include music and worship leading, film making graphic design, and reading! 

Mary Botz – Editor

Hi! My name is Mary Botz, and I am a senior this year studying English literature. I am from Billings, Montana, which is about a 13-hour drive from Minneapolis. I got recruited to play volleyball at North Central just a few years after my brother got recruited for the soccer team. While I’m no longer an athlete, I am very much still an academic. My goal after graduating is to get my master’s degree and pursue the field of novel editing. I came to NCU because I realized that I did not have to pick between my interests and skills when a school offered me everything important. An intimate literature program where I know my professors care about me, athletics to help me break out of my shell and keep me actively engaged in student life, a string ensemble where I can continue to grow my career as a violinist after 16 years, and a small campus that encouraged my spiritual life. This is my second semester with the Northerner, and I have loved every second of it. I hope to build its notoriety and encourage students to either consume or join its work! I also work at the T.J. Jones Library on campus, and that job has been one of my absolute favorites. I love books and information and the serene environment that is provided there. I am in my second year of coaching club volleyball in Minnetonka, and this season I have two high school teams, which has been a blessing and also a test of my patience. My entire life I have been juggling all the different areas and interests that I feel so called to. People have been telling me for years that I’ll need to pick just one soon, and I am so grateful that that time has not yet come. North Central might not be the most prestigious of universities, but it has been a wonderful home for me for the past few years.


                                                                                      Grace Brigson – Writer 

Hello! My name is Grace Brigson and I am a junior at North Central University. I am a Communications Arts Education major, and my goal is to teach in a school district around the twin cities area once I graduate. I play volleyball at North Central, and the team was a big reason why I chose to come here to get my degree. I chose an education major because it is so versatile; teaching students how to understand difficult texts has become a passion of mine. I was an editor for my high school yearbook and a blog writer for my school newspaper. I was born and raised in West Salem, Wisconsin and I have been a volleyball coach for the past five years. I am the oldest of three daughters and my parents both work in higher education; I aspire to be as driven as them! I am so excited to be a part of The Northerner and be involved with such a supportive writing community.

                                                                                Jubilee Heu – Writer   

My name is Jubilee Heu, and I’m a freshman at North Central University. My major is up in the air right now, but I’m hoping to do something along the lines of communications. I came to this school because of its strong emphasis on faith and building a relationship with Christ. When I toured this place, I fell in love with its community and godliness. I hope to strengthen my skillset and spiritual discipline while I’m here. I pray that I find guidance and direction in my life through it all. My interests include dance, beauty, fashion, and gaming. I have two younger sisters whom I love to play Roblox with. When I have a place of my own, I’d love to own a long-haired dachshund.  


                                                                         Tessana Krueger – Writer

Hello! My name is Tessana and I’m a junior majoring in 5-12 Education Communication Arts and Literature (yes, it’s a mouthful!). I originally came to NCU because I was pursuing a Worship Leading degree, but I ended up switching majors. Lucky for me, the Education department was a great fit—I love my professors with all my heart and I wouldn’t be at NCU without their love and guidance. Some of my hobbies include writing, (I know, shocking) music, and reading. I am expectant for the new experiences to be garnered on the Northerner this semester, and I can’t wait to learn more about the communities that form and surround NCU!  


Abigail Johnson – Writer

 Hi! My name is Abby Johnson, and I am a second semester junior here at NCU. I am majoring in Secondary Communication Arts and Literature, which is just a complicated way of saying that I’m going to be a middle/high school English teacher. I am also currently serving as an RA in Miller Hall, and love being part of such a vibrant and beautiful community. The spiritual emphasis that North Central places on just about everything drew me to this school from the very beginning. I decided I wanted to come to NCU when I was in 8th grade, and never looked back. So far, this has been one of the most challenging and rewarding seasons of my life, and I am so happy that the Lord guided me to this place.  

I dreamt of becoming a teacher from a very young age, but I would say my calling was solidified when I was in 7th grade. I remember watching my friends transform into dark, hopeless individuals in the span of a year, and it was heartbreaking for me to see. I don’t think I realized it then, but God was placing a burden on my heart for students, especially in this age group.  I am also very passionate about literature, writing, and worship. These three things have shaped me and helped me to grow through every season of my life. There is something so beautiful about the way the Lord has used these passions to provide me with an outlet to express myself. In addition to these things, I have played the violin since I was in 5th grade, I am obsessed with plants, I love a good cup of coffee, and I love to laugh. Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me a little better! I am excited to write for you all this semester! 

 Myah Womer – Writer 

My name is Myah Womer, and I am super excited to be on staff at The Northerner this semester! I have never worked on anything like The Northerner before and I am thrilled to be able to grow my writing and learn about news publications. I am a Secondary Comm. Arts and Literature Education major, which is just a fancy way to say, “English teacher”. I will be graduating in the fall (finally) and could not be more excited to get in the classroom and do what I love. In addition to teaching, I am also a volleyball coach! I have coached both at the high school and club volleyball levels. I am currently coaching 2 different travel teams, a team of 18-year-olds and one of 14-year-olds. These girls really keep me on my toes, but I love coaching; when you love it there’s nothing that can make it feel like a “job”, and I have the same outlook on teaching! I intend to couple teaching and coaching together once I graduate and be able to make an impact wherever I end up.