Top 5 NCU Memes February Edition

March 16, 2022

The NCU Memes4U page picked up the spice during the month of love. These memes are so good, you’ll forget that you didn’t get a ring by spring!

#5 Chapel PDA

With 49 likes, posted by NCU alumna Khalil Uvero, this meme catalyzed NCU Memes4U’s post-Battle of the Floor spiral into madness. Avoid the upper atrium at all costs!

#4 Get your chapel credits!

63 likes got this meme a spot in fourth place for this month (thank you Bam Garner). I think it’s safe to say…we’ve all been there… FRCK!

#3 Defiling the Upperroom

With an ironic 69 likes, Caleb Norton earned his place in the top three “Best Memes of the Month.” If only it wasn’t at the cost of the Upperroom. I want this image out of my head.

#2 Here I am, Send Me!

In second place, Bam Garner takes another top spot with his meme that’s been liked over 90 times. As a broke college student, I try to stay off of my social media in the spring.


Rest in Peace Spring Break. How many couples have you found making out in the nook by the tutoring room? Thanks for this one, Asher Right. I was not ready to come back to school when break ended–that’s for sure. Although this meme only had 69 likes, it earned a majority vote from the Northerner staff as “February’s Best Meme.” 

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