Resetting Tips for Post-Spring Break

February 10, 2022

With the first few weeks of classes under your belt, you might be feeling confident in breezing
by for the rest of the semester. Or it might be sending you into a panicked state wondering how
to make it to next week. Either way, spring break is on its way about to interrupt whatever
schedule, or lack thereof, you have established. This week-long break allows you to hit the reset
button and begin to think of some areas that you might need to work on.

In search of helpful information on how to come back from spring break confident in your
organizational skills? NCU’s Table Salt blog has some great tips on time management, keeping
track of assignments, and paralyzing confusion. Check out the story, “Returning to the Spring
Semester – Table Salt | NCU Blog” for ways to reset after spring break.

Table Salt blog’s tips for returning back to school