A week at NCURAMS

February 21, 2024

So, you got your wisdom teeth pulled, huh? Welcome to the club. As you hold an ice pack to your face and set a timer to take your next painkiller, you’re probably realizing that the whole “wisdom” part is a bit of a misnomer.  

I mean, they didn’t exactly make you feel wiser, did they? Unless wiser means drooling all over yourself because you can’t feel your lower lip. In that case, you’re basically Einstein. 

But don’t worry, the wacky wisdom teeth recovery process doesn’t last forever. Here’s what you can expect after having those suckers yanked out: 

Days 1-3: Ouch! Why do I look like a chipmunk?! 

Your face is swollen, your gauze tastes nasty, and you’re certain someone stuffed wads of cotton in your head while you were under anesthesia. But hang in there, this chipmunk chic phase doesn’t last long! Just keep icing and taking your meds to keep the pain under control. Also, stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and non-carbonated beverages without using straws.  

Day 4: Soft foods never tasted so good. 

Congratulations, you’ve earned the right to eat something other than applesauce and yogurt! Revel in the glory of mashed potatoes, pudding, oatmeal, and other toothless-friendly delicacies. No crunch allowed yet, so enjoy the soft life while it lasts! Stick to bland, mild foods and add nutritional shakes or smoothies if you need more calories and protein. 

Day 7: I think I could chew a piece of gum…if I wanted to bust my stitches open.  

Patience young grasshopper. Your teeth and gums need more time to heal before you go chompin’ on snacks like your old self. But the worst is behind you, so celebrate with more pudding! Just don’t smoke or take aspirin, which can impair healing. 

Week 2: Drooling – now only when sleeping!  

It’s normal for your mouth to take time recalibrating to its new toothless state. You’ll get control over your salivary glands soon enough. For now, just keep some towels handy to wipe up any stray drips. Rinse gently with salt water after meals to flush out food debris and keep sockets clean. 

Week 3: Selfie game – no longer embarrassingly weak! 

The chipmunk cheeks are gone, and you finally recognize yourself in the mirror again! Smile big and snap a duck face selfie to celebrate your recovery. Just don’t forget you still need to be gentle when brushing near the healing sites. If you have throbbing pain that gets worse, call your dentist to check for dry socket. 


While the dentist makes it sound simple, wisdom teeth recovery takes time and patience. But stick to soft foods, stay on top of meds, and let your body heal itself. Before you know it, you’ll be back to crunching popcorn and chewing gum like normal. So hang in there, you got this! Just think of the exciting pudding-filled days ahead. 

Wise Tips: A Tale of Your Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery