The Avatar Personality Test: Which Bender Are You?

February 16, 2022

With the recent release of the live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender series on Netflix, Avatar fever is sweeping the nation once again. People everywhere are reminiscing about watching the Gaang go on adventures and save the world.

Bending the elements is a cool magical power–who wouldn’t want to be able to control water, fire, earth, or air? Take this fun personality quiz to find out which bender from the world of Avatar you are most similar to!

Choose Your Destiny

Question 1: How do you approach conflict?

  1. a) I prefer to avoid it if possible and look for a peaceful solution.
  2. b) I meet it head-on and stay steady no matter what. 
  3. c) I go with the flow and adapt to the situation.
  4. d) I react strongly and try to overpower my opponent.

 Question 2: What is your biggest personality flaw?

  1. a) I can be indecisive and reluctant to take action
  2. b) I can be stubborn and unwilling to change
  3. c) I can be assertive and controlling
  4. d) I can have a temper and lash out

 Question 3: What is your strongest trait?

  1. a) Kindness
  2. b) Stability
  3. c) Adaptability
  4. d) Drive

 Question 4: Which element would you most want to control?

  1. a) Air
  2. b) Earth
  3. c) Water
  4. d) Fire

 Question 5: How would your friends describe you?

  1. a) Easygoing and fun
  2. b) Dependable and loyal
  3. c) Emotional and nurturing 
  4. d) Passionate and powerful

Question 6: If you could choose one superpower, what would it be?

  1. a) Ability to fly
  2. b) Super strength 
  3. c) Reading minds
  4. d) Shooting fire from your hands

Question 7: What do you value most in your friends?

  1. a) Fun and humor
  2. b) Loyalty and honesty
  3. c) Open-mindedness 
  4. d) Shared passions 

Question 8: How do you respond to authority? 

  1. a) Cooperate as long as principles aren’t compromised
  2. b) Respect authority figures 
  3. c) Question authority and any unfair rules
  4. d) Challenge authority and do your own thing

Question 9: Which animal would you most want as your companion?

  1. a) Sky bison 
  2. b) Badgermole
  3. c) Koi fish
  4. d) Dragon

Question 10: How would you describe your bending style?

  1. a) Evasive and acrobatic 
  2. b) Solid and unwavering
  3. c) Flexible and responsive
  4. d) Aggressive and forceful

Your Destiny

If you picked mostly A’s, you are an Airbender like Aang! Airbenders value freedom and fun. They try to avoid conflict and are very spiritual.

If you picked mostly B’s, you are an Earthbender like Toph! Earthbenders stand firm in their beliefs. They are stubborn but reliable and unshakeable.

If you picked mostly C’s, you are a Waterbender like Katara! Waterbenders go with the flow and adapt to their environment. They are caring and in touch with their emotions. 

If you picked mostly D’s, you are a Firebender like Zuko! Firebenders have fiery tempers but deep passions. They are dominant and desire control.

You Are Officially Part of the Gaang!

No matter which element you align with, we could all learn something from the benders in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Their mastery of the elements shows the importance of hard work, discipline, and compassion. Which bender are you most alike?

Earth, Fire, Water, Air... Which calls to you?