• Opinion: The Need For a Multicultural Center AT North Central

    North Central can prove its devotion for its inclusion in diversity with a Multicultural Center

    BSU leaders, Arianna Durden, Tyshana Ray, Taylor Sims and Gabrielle Knight hold an event in …

  • Graduation Spring 2019

    NCU Seniors Prepare to take their final finals

    Graduate Erin Henderson accepting her diploma from President Scott Hagan

    By: Zach Lemmon

    Spring is a word most Minnesotans have trouble defining …

  • New Fine Arts Professor Is Bringing His Musical Style To North Central

    Photographer: Kaylea WhitwamEllington Porter leading worship.

    Ellington Porter Using His Experiences To Inspire NCU Music Programs

    North Central University’s College of Fine Arts hired a new professor at the …

  • Behind the scenes look into Worship Live’s new album

    Photographer: Kaylea WhitwamThe student body worships to songs at the live recording night from the new worship live album “Breath Of Heaven”.

    A detailed insight on what went into the …

  • President Hagan outlines future building plan for North Central

    A look at the master plan that seeks to change the face of North Central’s Campus

    Photographer: Rebekah WinkelThe Praise FM Building which doubles as a classroom location and …



Donors give students new Clay Commons

Second Give Day refreshes popular student hang out.   The second annual Give Day was…

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North Central Seussical Musical Recap

No Person Is Lesser Than Another: The Message of The Spring Musical Photographer: Kaylea WhitwamSeussical…

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Why Super Mario Odyssey is the Game of the Year

Super Mario Odyssey is not only one of the best games of the year, but it’ll go down as one of the greatest games of all time.

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North Central’s Women’s Basketball Team Makes History With Playoff Berth

The North Central Women’s Basketball team has made it into UMAC playoffs for the first…

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Study Abroad Trips Commence this Summer.

Students continue their education through upcoming study abroad trips.   This summer, 38 North Central…

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