The Brew Crew

March 8, 2024

The NCBrew has been a staple at North Central University for almost a decade. Students and staff love their bold coffees and tasty refreshers. The drinks at the coffee shop are all Starbucks menu items, but students sometimes struggle with finding something to order.

As of 2024, the Brew has twelve current employees; All of them are currently enrolled students or alumni of North Central University. The baristas at the brew are kind to those who may not know their beverage of choice quite yet, and they will be the first to give you a recommendation. Most of these baristas have previously worked or are currently working at other coffee shops, so they know a thing or two about the industry.

NCBrew has a wonderful coffee community where it is okay to ask questions and try new things. The following article can be used as a guide for anyone unsure of what to order; the drink sizes are tall (small), grande (medium), and venti (large).

Brianna is the full-time manager at NCBrew and an alumni of North Central University. She tends to like her coffees to be on the bitter side and recommends the gingerbread oat milk shaken espresso.

Andrea takes a classic and adds her own twist with an iced brown sugar shaken Espresso with one pump of white mocha.

Chloe is one of the newest student workers, but she says a classic chai tea latte can never go wrong. Order it iced or hot, depending on the day.

Josiah is known to be adventurous in his beverage of choice, but a cold brew with cream takes the lead in his rankings.

Skylar gives the reader a more fruity option; A strawberry acai or dragon fruit refresher with lemonade; she equally recommends both.

Nicole swears by the iced vanilla latte; she takes it a step further by adding oat milk as well. The other alternative milk at the Brew is almond, if the reader prefers that instead.

TJ recommends a classic nitro cold brew OR an iced chai with oat milk and 2 pumps of cinnamon dolce.

Grace Brigson (yours truly) is somewhat of a matcha lover. She advocates heavily for an iced matcha with oat milk and 3 pumps of vanilla. If you are feeling a little bit extra, try adding 3 pumps of brown sugar instead.

With these new suggestions, the crew at NCbrew hopes the customers feel welcome to try new things and ask questions about any menu items. If TikTok drinks are your go-to, they will try their best to recreate it. Do you hate coffee? Don’t shut the Brew out of your life just yet! Let them help you find your coffeeless guilty pleasure. If you are a black coffee connoisseur, they support you as well. They might be concerned about you, but they support you nonetheless. No question is a dumb question; stay curious and sip on!

Treat yourself to a new and delicious drink!