Stressed Out of Your Gourd? Here are Tips to Overcome Winter!

January 31, 2024

The spring semester is here once again, and students at North Central University are feeling the slow, stressful start. With bad weather, dangerous road conditions and a gloomy beginning to January, academic excellence seems to be far from their minds.

Boost that Vitamin D:

Students should take advantage of study spots near natural light including Clay Commons, TJ Jones Library and the upper/lower atrium seating. The sun can do wonders for our minds and bodies; seasonal depression can be easily combated with window seats and some fresh air.

Check out the Canvas Calendar:

On Canvas, students are able to see a detailed calendar of their classes; what assignments are upcoming, when homework is due and the quizzes are easily accessible. Starting a new semester can be made easier with disciplined organization. Students can use the resources available to them on canvas, along with keeping a weekly log of their “to do” list.

Reach Out to Leadership!

Upperclassmen know the stress of starting the spring semester, and their strategies for staying sane can be used for new and incoming students. Students should get in touch with their RA’s, DL’s and other leadership across campus for any ideas on staying organized and resilient through this difficult transition period.

Time, time, time:

The most effective tool when it comes to starting spring semester is time management. The absence of proper time management can be destructive for any student, despite their age or experience. Students should use their days off doing what works for them. Rest and recovery are important, but if there is a free hour to complete an assignment due in a couple of days, getting a head start could help! Do not pressure yourself into completing everything on your to do list in one day; this will eventually lead to burnout. Creating healthy routines this spring semester will be crucial for students; know your limits and ask questions.

Concluding thoughts!

The start of the new year is a time for change, reflection, and excitement; it can also be a time of anxiety, fear and overwhelming confusion. Along with tough classes, this time of year can be difficult for the minds and bodies of college students. Seasonal depression can take a toll, so above all else, let yourself make mistakes and let yourself make mistakes. Use your resources, reach out to seasoned upperclassmen and give yourself some grace.


-Grace Brigson

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