The First All-CAS Chapel in 4 Years was a Hit!

December 1, 2022

The College of Arts and Sciences at North Central (CAS) University hosted an All-CAS chapel on November 29, 2022. CAS students were greeted at the door with candy and popcorn. The main event was a Jeopardy version of the game “Mind the Gap”, faculty versus students. Director of Psychology, Dr. Andy Schuttinga was the host.  

The All-CAS chapel was the first one in four years. The purpose was to bring the whole College of Arts and Sciences students together to build community and friendship and have fun together. Many CAS students didn’t really know their school was a part of CAS. There was an obvious disconnect between students and the college they belonged to. The All-CAS chapel was one of the perfect solutions for connecting students to the College of Arts and Sciences and their classmates from other schools. CAS wants students to know and be proud of being a student in the College of Arts and Sciences. For more information on Why the College of Arts and Sciences is special to NCU, check out our article here.

The game “Mind the Gap” Jeopardy version was played, faculty versus students, at All-CAS Chapel. The Jeopardy questions spanned topics from Boomers through Gen-Z. The students won against faculty, and their prizes were Segue gift cards. Pictured below is one of the student winners, Jocelyn Coleman, a part of the School of Education.

College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)

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