Everything You Need to Know About NCU's Education Program

July 6, 2022

Dr. Gail Weinhold, the Director of the School of Education, wants students to know that they should be proud to be a part of the College of Arts and Sciences. CAS has the largest variety of programs, from science to math, and english to education. Weinhold explains that CAS gives students foundational knowledge of how their faith and learning intersect. Even though CAS is one of the largest colleges within NCU, there are schools within the college broken up by major where those students can find community. 

The School of Education is constantly evolving with the times. Weinhold explained, “The School of Education just recently went through a state accreditation and was approved for the next six years by the state of Minnesota. This means whether you go to NCU or the University of Minnesota, we are fulfilling the same intense level of standards for new teachers of any teaching program in the state and we are doing it really well.”

Weinhold continued, “I want NCU to be just as recognized by schools hiring our students for teaching as a student from any other university from the metro area. I want to be known outside of just the Christian community.”

Weinhold explains that the School of Education has a very strong mentorship model. From their very first class in the education program, they are introduced to their cohort whom they will go through classes with for four years. From the very first year, students will be out in schools getting experience, so you don’t have to wait until senior year to get teaching experience. 

Before the student teaches, they will have had 148 hours of student teaching under their belt. After which comes student teaching, which is a full semester of full-time teaching. The program is quite hands on. The professors make effort to get to know you personally and go out into the field with you. They will be by your side every step of the way to support and maintain relationships with schools in our metro area. 

Weinhold continued, “At NCU students get that strong faith foundation in their learning to maintain their ‘why?’ when they go out into the field and to recognize that they are never alone in the classroom. NCU gives you the spiritual preparation for teaching, which is more critical than ever.”

Coming up in the future for the School of Education, Weinhold is passing the role of Director for the School of Education on to Prof. Kaiser and Prof. Conner next year. This is so that Weinhold can take over a position at NCU as the Director of Faculty Development and will be helping professors become better teachers across NCU not just in education. However, Weinhold will still be a full-time professor in the School of Education.

The beauty of NCU is that you can get earn an education degree while being in a Christian environment, it is a great opportunity for faith-driven students to pursue their career. 

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