The Dating Game 2023

March 7, 2023

The Dating Game is one of the most popular events held at NCU. The Dating Game was founded 5 years ago. This event is hosted by the Student Activity Committee (SAC) on campus. The SAC team is known for other popular events such as the Halloween Bash, Funky Night, Battle Of The Floors, and several other events. 

This year there was a bit of an unexpected twist to The Dating Game. In the past, The Dating Game consisted of there being a “wall” between the bachelor/bachelorette and the contestant. The bachelor would ask each contestant a series of questions to get to know a little about them. After a couple of rounds of the bachelor/bachelorette asking the contestants questions the bachelor/bachelorette would get to choose which contestant they would want to go on a date with. They then would reveal the chosen contestant and have a coffee date the following day at segue.

This year the SAC team decided to make it more like the bachelor/bachelorette by allowing them to see the contestants. Each contestant would get about 2 minutes to talk to the bachelor/bachelorette. After a round of questions with each contestant, they played a game to show their competitive nature. Just like on NBC’s “The Bachelor” is a rose ceremony and whoever dose not receive a rose gets sent home, this year for the dating Game SAC added that feature but with ring pop candies. The bachelor/bachelorette would have to give out candy ring pops and the person who didn’t receive a  ring pops would automatically be out. Something that did stay the same was the date at segue the next day. SAC tends to go live during the dates and they did not let us down on that part. 

The bachelor this year was a senior at NCU, Elliot Murray, and our bachelorette was a transfer student, Tabby Jennings. They each had 5 contestants to choose from, in conclusion Elliot Murray chose Klaire Turney. Tabby Jennings chose Langston Nash to go on the date. You can find their segue date on the SAC Instagram

Many people on campus had several thoughts on the way that The Dating Game was held this year. Was it worth switching it up? Will they make this the new normal? I guess we will have to wait and see what the team next year does!

If you are a student at NCU and are interested in being a part of the SAC team and helping plan for all these fun events apply using this link .



Here’s a Recap of All That Happened at The Dating Game led by Students at North Central University