Phillipps Hall Dorm Regulations I Wish I Had Known Before Moving on Campus

August 4, 2022

During my freshman year of college, I lived in Phillipps Hall. Living in Phillipps was not only a blessing because of the A.C. system, but also because of the awesome friends I met while being there. I am so thankful for all the time I got to spend with my roommates doing homework parties on the floor of our suite at 12 am. Phillipps will always be my second home! 

That being said, moving into Phillipps Hall was an entirely different ball game. At home, I was used to being able to use whatever appliances I wanted to, and hang up decor wherever I wanted to. When I got to Phillipps, I was surprised by a couple of rules that changed the way I structured my dorm environment. Today, I want to tell you about three Phillipps Hall dorm rules I wished I would’ve known before coming on campus. 

Pushpins and tacks can only go in the ceiling, not in the walls. Command strips can only go on wooden doors or door frames. 

(Head’s up–be careful not to bring heavy wall decor to college. You likely won’t be able to hang it up!) 

If you’re planning to hang up wall decorations, make sure to purchase sticky tack. Sticky tack is available at most Target or Walmart stores and comes in several different brands/colors. Sticky tack can be used to hang most decorations under a pound. You might also choose to purchase command strips and command hangers for the back of your dorm door. (This can be used to hang wet towels, clothes, coats, etc). 

While living in Phillipps Hall, you cannot have heat appliances like toasters, air fryers, or anything that can easily start fires such as candles and wax warmers. 

(Head’s up–don’t bring toasters or air fryers. Your RA will confiscate these if they find them in your room). 

Unfortunately, most heat-creating appliances are off-limits for use in Phillipps dorm rooms. For safety reasons, plug-in appliances are banned because they can easily start fires. However, there are several other appliances such as blenders and coffee makers that are allowed. Check out this awesome tutorial on how to make Ramen in a coffee pot! 

For those who have yet to live in a dorm–I want to give you a little heads-up warning. There will be unpleasant smells at times. Gathering eight people to live together in a room with two bathrooms alongside their food leftovers and garbage can create rank smells at times. Candles and plug-in wax warmers are also unfortunately on the banned list.

To combat the issue of smell from trash bags and uncirculated air, there are a few different options. Purchasing a HEPA filter room air cleaner is the most expensive option, but can also be the most rewarding. HEPA air filters can screen out smells as well as toxins like mold and mildew. Scented trash bags and scented room spray are also other ways to fight off smells. 

You cannot bunk your bed on the top rung. 

(Head’s up–buy a set of bunk bed risers when living in Phillipps if you want extra storage space under your bed. These are available in most home goods stores that have college supplies, but here’s an example of what they look like). 

In the Phillipps dorms, the beds are adjustable but they generally come bunked on the second or third rung. The problem with this is that it is very difficult to fit storage under your bed when it’s bunked lower. However, you cannot bunk your bed on the top rung because it can split the wood and break the bed. This is quite a rude awakening, especially in the middle of the night. Buying bed risers help to combat the issue of storage while keeping safety a priority. 

In Conclusion…

Congratulations to all the incoming Phillipps Hall members! I hope your experience living in the Phillipps dorms is as pleasant as mine was. See you on Move-In Day! See our back-to-school article here for more information on resident hall placements. 

Air fryers, push-pins and wax warmers, oh my!