Back to School: A Fall 2022 Guide

August 1, 2022

To prepare students for the Fall 2022 semester, the Northerner has put together a comprehensive list of tips and important dates to make the back-to-school transition a more seamless experience.

Important Dates

First up: the dates you need to know:*

August 18 … Move-in date athletes

August 24 … Move-in date for student leaders

August 27 … Move-in date for new students, winter & spring athletes

August 29-30… Move-in dates for returning students

August 22-27… Launch Week

August 29… Online A-term classes begin

August 31… Seated classes begin

September 5… Labor Day (only night classes held)

September 9… Last day to switch rooms/meal plan 

*For important dates later in the semester, check with your Resident Assistant (RA).

Resident Hall Placements

If you are a student living in the residence halls this upcoming school year, you probably want to know who your leadership team is. We’ve got you covered! We have compiled a comprehensive list of Discipleship Leaders (DLs), RAs, Assistant Resident Directors (ARDs), Discipleship Administrators (DAs) and Bro-Sis Floor assignments for 2022-2023.

Miller Hall:

3 North…Isabella Cowles (RA), Sophia Frigerio (DL) 

3 Central…Tirzah Piencikowski (RA), Ianna Enget (DL), Makayla Williams (DL)

4 North…Kayleigh Ellefsen (RA), Sydney Cooper (DL), Bethany Lee (DL)

4 Central…Emma Schaible (RA), Anna Russell (DL), Jamie Stratton (DL)

4 South (First Year Experience)…Klaire Turney (RA), Jillaine Buckley (DL), Riley Dickey (RL)

5 North…Gretta Monson (RA), Abby Johnson (DL)

5 South…Myriah Garcia (RA), Sydney Bub (DL)

Assistant Resident Director…Katie Crosby

Discipleship Administrator…Faith Dobyns

Carlson Hall:

2 East (First Year Experience)…Josiah Wilkinson (RA), Jonathan Gleason (DL), Nathan Nosser (DL)

3 East…Micah Nelson (RA), Isaac (Eh Wai Doh) Bei (DL), Nicholas Wright (DL)

4 East…Elijah Nible (RA), Mason Brubaker (DL), Christopher Yetter (DL)

4 West…Tobias Sanders (RA), William Appleby (DL), Noah Wulff (DL)

5 East…Elisha Adams (RA), Jacob Hagstrom (DL), Abram Overturf (DL)

5 West…Thompson Briggs (RA), Anthony Carlson (DL), Caleb Ness (DL)

Assistant Resident Director: Taylor Peterson

Discipleship Administrator: Errond Powell

Phillipps Hall:

2 West…Nathan Tucker (RA), Christian Campbell (DL), Jackson Omeja (DL)

2 East…Elliott Murray (RA), Braden Davenport (DL), Tiger (Todd) Riess (DL)

3 West…Neila Johnson (RA), Skyler Wachsmuth (DL)

3 East…Triniti Bialik (RA), Cierra McCabe (DL)

4 East…Emma Appleby (RA), Julianna Crandall (DL)

Assistant Resident Director: Chris Rasmussen

Discipleship Administrator: Chelsey Wieling

Apartment Community:

Orfield Building #915…Isaac Peterson

Orfield Building #919…Grace Renstrom

Orfield Building #923…Weston Buckley

1500 Building (Married Apartments)…Grace Lafferty

Assistant Resident Director: Annelane Sallee

Discipleship Coordinator: Evan Pierquet

Discipleship Community Leader: Noah Halter

Brother/Sister Floor Assignments

Carlson Hall 2 East (Josiah Wilkinson) / Miller Hall 4 South (Klaire Turney)

Carlson Hall 3 East (Micah Nelson) / Phillipps Hall 3 West (Neila Johnson)

Carlson Hall 4 East (Elijah Nible) / Miller Hall 5 South (Myriah Garcia) / Phillipps Hall 4 East (Emma Appleby)

Carlson Hall 4 West (Toby Sanders) / Miller Hall 5 North (Gretta Monson)

Carlson Hall 5 East (Elisha Adams) / Miller Hall 4 Central (Emma Schaible) / Phillipps Hall 3 East (Triniti Bialik)

Carlson Hall 5 West (Tommy Briggs) / Miller Hall 4 North (Kayleigh Ellefsen)

Phillipps Hall 2 West (Nathan Tucker) / Miller Hall 3 Central (Tirzah Piencikowski)

Phillipps Hall 2 East (Elliott Murray) / Miller Hall 3 North (Bella Cowles)

Best Places to Thrift

It may seem like back-to-school commercials and ads start targeting you as soon as the spring semester ends, but it sure doesn’t hurt to plan ahead. Shopping on a budget but still want to look nice? Try thrifting! It’s good for the environment, you can get high-quality clothing items at a fraction of the price and it supports the community. Plus, you’ll have a unique wardrobe. Chain thrift stores found throughout the U.S. include Ragstock, Goodwill, The Salvation Army and Buffalo Exchange. Some local options are Plato’s Closet, Turn Style and St. Vincent de Paul. Don’t forget to look online, too. There are plenty of thrifters who operate their business solely through social media. 

Another way to save money for other school-related necessities (such as textbooks) is the NCU Market. Current and former students sell textbooks on the Facebook group year round at cheaper prices than what you’d find on the market. NCU Market is also good for finding deals on clothing, dorm/suite/apartment furniture and word-of-mouth jobs. Other places to find books required for class are used bookstores, such as Half Price Books, The Book House or Eat My Words

What to Pack

We’re not going to give you the classic “what you should pack for moving into school” list (you can view that here). Instead, we thought up a list of some uncommon or specific to Minnesota items you will need as a residential student.

  • Electric blanket                 
  • Bedrest pillow(s)
  • Portable charger
  • Electric kettle
  • Reusable food containers
  • First aid kit
  • Scissors
  • Command hooks
  • Shirts/sweatshirts you don’t care about
  • Stain remover stick
  • Winter boots + coat + mittens/gloves
  • Window fan (Carlson and Miller do not have air conditioning)

Top Tips to Transition Back to School

Finally, in a guide full of lists, we have one more for you: Our top three tips on getting back in a school-focused mindset for Fall 2022. We get it, you don’t want summer to end, but mentally preparing for college in the summer will make the transition to a full school schedule much easier.

Tip #1: Start Reading Your Books Early

If you are taking an English or Bible class with non-textbook books, consider reading ahead in the summer. For one, you will be ahead of everybody else, and two, you will have time to work on that presentation that sneaks up on you mid-semester. 

Tip #2: Work on a Project/Internship Related to Your Major

Even if you are not a junior doing an internship for credit, internships are still worth seeking out during your summers off of school. Get your mind thinking critically about what you’re going to school for–trust us, it pays off. Plus, your professors will think much higher of you if you show them the kind of work you did over the summer. It proves you are serious about your studies.

Tip #3: Begin Readjusting Your Sleep Schedule in August

 We all fall into those habits: staying up till 3 a.m. hanging out with friends or watching TV shows. But you will have a rude awakening if you continue that routine right up until school starts. Try setting your alarm just a little bit earlier each day so that when you have to wake up at 8 a.m. for class, you won’t be a walking zombie.

Tips and tricks for new and returning students.