Miller 3 North, 5 South, and Carlson 4 West win 2020 Battle of the Floors

March 20, 2020

The Student Activities Committee and the office of student development put on the annual two-day event. During Battle of the Floors, a floor from the men’s dorms partner with one or two of their “sister” floors in the women’s dorms to put on a skit based on two randomly picked prompts. The “brother-sister” floors then compete with the other teams. Students dress up, make props, and choreograph a dance routine.

North Central staff members, including the dorms’ various resident directors, judge the skits on a variety of criteria and decide the winners. 

North Central students came together to enjoy laughs, snacks, and occasional jabs at chapel attendance and cafeteria food.

Senior marketing major Kasidy Furr, who served as the SAC director in 2019, said her favorite skit this year was from Philips 2 East and 4 WestThe team put an interesting twist on the popular dating show, “The Bachelor.” The skit poked fun at a male floor in Phillipps that watches the show together as a bonding activity.

Furr said the dance routines had drastically improved from last year. 

This year’s winners come from Miller 3 North and 5 South and Carlson 4 West. They put on a skit based on “The Flintstones” in Alaska. 

To see all the skits from the 2020 Battle of the Floors, see The Northerner’s YouTube page.

North Central students came together in one of the biggest social events of the year on Feb. 21-22: Battle of the Floors.