Top 5 NCU Memes March Edition

May 6, 2022

Scroll to see the best NCU memes from the Month of March (read to the end to see the Northerner’s choice!)

As we head into summer after a long year, here is a throwback to some of the best memes from March! Check out the NCU Memes4U Facebook page for more meme fun!

#5 Ring by Spring

With a whopping 40 likes, our very own editor, Madi Olejnicak, jokes about the reality of being a Christian college student in the spring semester. I have literally seen at least one proposal on social media since Spring has begun. What is in the air at North Central?

#4 Phillips for now…Miller forever? Hm…

This meme brought in another 40 likes with a little throwback to some inter-hall teasing. It’s all in good fun! (But actually….Miller girls are the best)

#3 Vending Machine Fail

Can we ever get anything right? With 43 likes, this meme just barely makes it into the top three! Not only did it fail once…but that’s two packs of skittles hanging on for dear life. As a broke college student, my bank account cried for this person.

#2 NCU Men Unite!

For those who may not know, the meme page used to house a toxic rivalry between the Phillipps and Carlson men. With a crowd-pleasing 58 likes, this meme brought everyone back into perfect harmony. I’m just wondering where the Miller males are…


As the semester comes to a close, the evaluations are only just beginning. Need I say more?

If you’re feeling down about caf options, check out our article on how to eat well in the caf! (As we all know…getting anything good much less healthy can be a struggle)

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NCU memes strike again! ​

Check out the best NCU memes from the month of March!