Best Super Bowl Ads of This Year and of All-Time

March 2, 2023

There are two types of people that watch the Super Bowl. Those that watch it for the game and those who watch it for the ads. There are also those who watch it for the halftime show, but we don’t talk about them. Super Bowl ads are a vital part of what makes the game so special. It appeals to those who may not like watching football, and it allows football fans to remain entertained during game breaks. So what makes Super Bowl ads in particular so special?


With the Super Bowl having such high viewership, it’s prime time for companies to advertise their products and maximize exposure. That being said, Super Bowl commercials have always been known for being the funniest, weirdest, most memorable, and unique ads that you’ll see. Additionally, companies know the high stakes that come with Super Bowl ads, and along with the challenge of coming up with a great ad, they also have to shell out around $7 million for a 30-second commercial.


Top 5 Super Bowl Ads of 2023:


1 | Popcorners: Breaking Bad

In collaboration with the stars from the famous show Breaking Bad, Popcorners had one of the funniest and most memorable commercials of Super Bowl 57. At first glance, this partnership between a show focused on drug dealers and a chip brand seems unlikely, but with some good product placement and the iconic characters of Walt and Jesse, this is undoubtedly one of the best Super Bowl commercials I’ve ever seen.

Watch the ad! : PopCorners Breaking Bad Super Bowl Commercial | Breaking Good 60

2 | Tubi: Faked Out

Tubi had a few commercials during this year’s Super Bowl, although one of them was like no other. Tubi’s “fake out” ad as it is referred to, threw many people for a loop, myself included when all of a sudden the TV started to switch to the Tubi app as if someone was controlling the TV. While startling and slightly annoying, the ad definitely got my attention. Props to Tubi for creativity and for standing out in an age where there are so many different streaming services.

Watch the ad! : Tubi Interface Interruption | Super Bowl

3 | Doritos: Jack Harlow

It’s not surprising that Doritos made another great Super Bowl ad as they have made some of my favorite ads from past Super Bowls. This year, Doritos utilized a popular influencer/artist, Jack Harlow, to advertise the infamous chip brand. Their focus on Doritio’s signature chip shape, the triangle, reinforced the brand’s image, but also made for a great connection between the chip and the triangle musical instrument. While not the best advertisement during the Super Bowl, it was still entertaining to watch and a solid offering from Doritos.

Watch the ad! : Jack’s New Angle

4 | Uber One: Diddy Makes a Hit Song

While this ad may not stick out as being great, especially for those in Gen Z, if you’re a millennial or even Gen X, this ad was targeted towards you. Singers including Montell Jordan, Kelis, and Donna Lewis were featured in the commercial and it may have brought back fond memories when they remixed songs including “Milkshake”, “This is How We Do It”, and “I Love You Always Forever”.


5 | Amazon: Saving Sawyer

Like all Super Bowls, there has to be at least one tear-jerker. This year, Amazon brought on the waterworks with their commercial about a dog who is left alone all day repeatedly by his family. Maybe it’s just me, but it reminded me of those Sarah McLachlan commercials for the ASPCA with that depressing “Angel” song in the background. While the ad did have a rather obscure connection to Amazon, the ending was good, and it made for an overall wholesome video.

Watch the ad! : Saving Sawyer | Amazon’s Big Game Ad


Top 5 Super Bowl Ads of All-Time

1 | Snickers: Betty White (2010)

This Snickers commercial is perfect and is arguably the best Super Bowl ad of all time. Starring Betty White, Snickers uses its classic “you aren’t you when you’re hungry” tagline and infuses it with a football theme to connect with the Super Bowl audience. Additionally, having Betty White adds another layer of humor and recognition for the brand. I could go on about how much I love this ad, but it speaks for itself.

Watch the ad! : Betty White’s Snickers Commercial

2 | Reebok: Terry Tate – Office Linebacker (2003)

Like the Snickers commercial, Reebok was able to infuse football into their Super Bowl ad but was more relatable for white-collar office workers. This has to be one of the funniest commercials I have ever seen with Terry Tate tackling people left and right, but also because of the subtle office humor throughout. Like Snickers, Reebok nailed it with this one and it will go down in history as one of the greatest Super Bowl ads.

Watch the ad! : Terry Tate Office Linebacker – Super Bowl Commercial – Remastered in HD

3 | Doritos: Time Machine (2014)

As I mentioned for this year’s Doritos commercial, Doritos has some of my favorite commercials. Time machine is unquestionably the best. With its child-like humor, and simple construction, it’s fun for the whole family and it makes you smile every time. While not as action-packed as the top 2 commercials or related to football in any shape or form, Doritos managed to make an unforgettable ad that lives rent-free in my mind to this day.

Watch the ad! : Doritos Time Machine – Crash the Super Bowl 2014 WINNER OFFICIAL

4 | Mountain Dew: “Puppy Monkey Baby” (2016)

While not the first ad that comes to mind when thinking about the best Super Bowl commercials of all time, it sure is one of the weirdest. Near the launch of Mtn Dew: Kickstart, Mountain Dew wanted to convey the awesomeness of combining three seemingly great things into one. For Kickstart, that was caffeine, juice, and coconut water. Do you know what else makes a great combo? Puppy, Monkey, Baby.

Watch the ad! : Mountain Dew׃ “Puppy Monkey Baby” – 2016 Super Bowl Commercial

5 | Doritos: “Keep Your Hands Off My Doritos” (2010)

I know, I know. Another Doritos ad? Yes. They are simply unmatched when it comes to Super Bowl ads, particularly on the humorous side. While it’s a bit dated at this point, this ad still holds its own against some of the best. What I like about Doritos is that they know their target market very well. With that, they are great at putting forth a message that’s quick and easy to grasp. Here, it’s simple and straightforward to the point. Keep Your Hands Off My Doritos!

Watch the ad! : [HD] Exclusive Doritos Keep Your hands off my Doritos Super Bowl XLIV Commercial 2010 Ad

With decades of Super Bowls, it’s challenging to pick only a handful of favorites out of hundreds of great commercials. With that being said, what’s your favorite Super Bowl ad?

From Dorito's time machine to Tubi's trick on viewers, here are 10 of the best Super Bowl ads!