Best Memes of the Summer

August 23, 2022

NCU Memes, to be honest, wasn’t the hot spot over the summer. Not a ton of posts. Either students were setting down their phones and enjoying the fresh air OR everyone needed a break from anything school related…

The biggest news on the Facebook page was the passing of admin-ship. Now former admin, Israel Futsum, announced the new admin, Caleb Norton, on Friday, August 5, in dramatic fashion. After a few memes calling for the announcement, Futsum then made an announcement that he would be making an announcement and then made another announcement that he would be making an announcement and so on.

Norton is a current NCU student and gave the Northerner this statement after taking the role: “I am so excited and pleased to be the new meme page admin this year! I feel as if I am a great fit for this position, and I’m looking forward to making the page EPIC again. Israel has done a phenomenal job this past year and I plan to continue in the legacy he left us. Thank you to all my biggest supporters, and a huge shout out to NCU president, Scott Hagan, for all of the quality content.”

The following memes established him as admin material…

#1 Your opinion is(n’t) valid.

#2 A NCU meme template favorite

#3 “They really give tongues of fire a whole new meaning” – Juliana Puccini

At 69 likes, this was Norton’s highest rated meme and was featured in the Northerner’s February meme recap.

That’s the summer ‘excitement’ in a nutshell. Now to the memes!

*Since the Northerner wasn’t here to vote over the memes, these rankings are purely based on likes.*

Enjoy the top 3 memes of the summer!

#3 We do it for the Gram

Posted by: Lucy McCaleb 36 likes

#2 Late *late* Night Activities

Posted by: Asher Wright 50 likes

#1 ‘The Ick’ of NCU Students

Posted by: Nathan A. Enge 92 likes 18 comments

The comments consisted of shock at the enormity of the pile, not being shocked because it’s NCU students, and people claiming certain items of furniture, including a very curious cat scratching tower.

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Let’s get one more laugh in before the semester starts…