Are Finals Stressing You Out?

June 8, 2023

As the end of the semester approaches a lot of us students are feeling the pressure of finals coming up! It’s natural to be stressed and anxious but there are things you can do to prepare and feel more confident about finals.

  • Staying organized – creating a schedule and staying organized by planning when all your exams will be and scheduling enough time to study for all of your exams, some ways to stay organized is by using a planner or a digital calendar to keep track of all of your final deadlines.
  • Resources – taking advantage of resources like tutoring services that are provided here at NCU. One helpful resource is tutoring in the library, whether it’s having someone look over and correct a big paper you have or helping you understand material or concepts of a class so that you can increase your confidence and do well in finals
  • Study spot – finding a good study spot on campus is crucial! Many times, it is hard to study if you are in a really loud place or in an environment where you can’t get anything done. Some popular options here on campus that many students use to study are Clay Commons and the Carlson building, as well as the library. One thing with finding your study spot is also knowing your study style and choosing a place that works best for you. If you work better in quiet areas, then maybe the library would be your best option.
  • Music – another tip that I have found extremely helpful in the past is creating a playlist of music that will help you focus while studying. Choosing songs that are instrumental or have minimal lyrics so that you don’t distract yourself from your work. With that being said, don’t forget to give yourself some free time to destress from everything, make sure you are taking breaks, exercising, or just doing something fun that will help you relax and disconnect from studying for a little bit.

In conclusion, finals can be stressful but being prepared and having a plan can help reduce some of the stress and anxiety. Don’t forget to use the resources provided by the school, find a good study spit, create a schedule, identify your study style, create a playlist, and take breaks to destress. Remember to stay positive and focused and good luck with finals!

Here are some tips on how to prepare for finals!