A Better Connection

March 19, 2020

It’s no secret that North Central University’s Wi-Fi has not been steady. Frequently, the system would experience outages campus-wide, resulting in stressed students, faculty, and staff. But in chapel, President Scott Hagan announced that North Central would be getting a new Wi-Fi system. 

He explained the system currently, and why it was experiencing frequent outages. The system currently was outdated and if anything went wrong in one place, the entire system would crash. The new system will be improved and complex, having more components. This means that if one section of the system crashes, it will still be able to function. 

The system as it is affecting classes. Students aren’t able to turn in assignments on time. At times, professors have to extend deadlines and accommodate for internet crashes.  

The hope is to prevent issues of outages in the future. When the project is completed, the new Wi-Fi will improve consistency. Students, faculty, and staff will be able to experience a better connection.

NCU Plans to Upgrade Wi-Fi