10 Ways to get your ‘Ring by Spring’ at a Christian College Near You

December 15, 2022

Dear college students,

As the end of the semester rapidly approaches, the “Ring by Spring” deadline comes right along with it. Opportunities for proposals are coming to a close. Parents are being asked permission, lunges are being practiced, and rings are making their appearances.

So what are the singles supposed to do? How will they find their “person”, and if they do, what to say?

Firstly, you have to know who you are in the eyes of the Lord. Your identity does not come from the ring or the person. Secondly, shoot your shot like young David, and let your words be like the rocks from the stream. Here are 10 great pebbles to put in your sling (or to avoid…use discernment.)

1. I heard you were looking for a knight in shining armor….I just so happen to be wearing the armor of God.

2. Hey, I would give you my heart, but I already gave it to Jesus. You can have my number though.

3. Now, I would not call myself a prophet, but I can see us together.

4. It took God seven days to make the world, but it would only take seven digits for you to change mine.

5. My friend told me to come and meet you. He said you are a really nice person. I think you may know Him, Jesus, yah that is His name.

6. I like my girls how I like my Microsoft Word Documents…“saved”.

7. Are you milk and honey? Because you look like something that I was promised.

8. Me. You. Songs of Songs: the remix.

9. The word says, “Give drink to those who are thirsty, and feed the hungry…”, so how about dinner?

10. Coffee?

One of these stones is sure to seal your fate, for better or for worse, with that “special person” you have in mind. Now, just like David, you can go in confidence while walking through your personal Elah Valley.

If you decide to place one of these special stones in your sling and use it, let us know how it goes by contacting us at the following…

Email: ncunortherner@gmail.com

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