"Whoa, That's So Good"

December 23, 2022

In a world where Spotify, Apple Music, Podcast app, and Audible are becoming very common sources of entertainment, The “Whoa That’s Good” podcast (listen HERE) sits high among all the podcasts for young adult listeners. On Apple Podcasts, it received a 4.9 out of 5 stars overall. Sadie Robertson has become one of the biggest female influencers in the Gen-Z world. She is a best-selling author, founder of Live Original, and a star ion “Ducky Dynasty” and feature in season 19 of “Dancing with the Stars.”  Her podcast called “Whoa That’s Good” is full of interviews with athletes, artists, speakers, authors, and more. Every guest has to answer the question: “What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?” Though the genre of this podcast is in the “Religion & Spirituality” category, within the 109 episodes she has a variety of guests with and without a spiritual background. 

Every time you hear the intro and outro music, you can expect a 40 minute dose of encouragement, a cool story, and advice to take into your life. It’s the feel-good kind, where you can listen when you’re in the shower, getting ready for the day, in the car, or on a run. It doesn’t require deep focus. You also can guarantee no harsh or crude language, simply enjoyable stories, and meaningful advice. Look out though because you can also find episodes of a bachelor or bachelorette contestant being interviewed, Luke Bryan if you’re into country music, or even Bindi Irwin, daughter to the Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin. The variety of people on her podcast keeps things interesting, which makes it all the easier to find an episode that will lean towards your interests. 

Of course, because it is a religious podcast, Sadie interviews plenty of people with faith. Dante Bowe, a part of Maverick City was interviewed, which included his life story from homelessness to making truly powerful music. She also interviewed Demi Tebow, who won Miss Universe in 2017, and is now very actively fighting Human Sex trafficking and openly gives credit to God for everything she does. 

“Whoa That’s Good” has episodes that never leave you feeling like you wasted your time listening to it. It’s real, raw, and honest, making the listener ask the question: is there more to life? This podcast gives hope to all people, it makes you feel like you’re not alone, like you aren’t stuck. However, if you’re not a fan of positivity and “mhm,” “that’s so good,” or “wow,” this podcast might take some getting used to. It is very conversational and Sadie Robertson is very enthusiastic in everything she says. If you weren’t raised in a hand-clapping, arms-raised-in-worship-kind-of-church, then her disposition might be strange to you, but maybe strange is a good thing in this case. An oddly large dose of positivity and joy from a voice that exudes it in every episode might be your antidote to a bad day. A perspective shift, a humorous joke, a piece of advice, or a life story, might be what you need before you even realize it’s what you needed. 

In a world where the division has sparked due to discrimination, unequal freedoms, and political parties pointing fingers, I find myself trading in podcasts that “keep you up to date” in the world for podcasts that are joyful, life-giving, and unpolarizing. “Whoa That’s Good” podcast is relaxing and requires little of me when it comes to online formality, all I have to do is press play and go about my day. By the end of an episode, I always notice myself becoming a little more at peace, and a little more hopeful.

What’s so good about the “Whoa That's Good Podcast”?