Which professor are you?

March 13, 2023

Have you ever wondered what professor might be the best option for a class? Have you felt a certain affinity for a professor? Maybe you just wonder who might be a good faculty pal to have.

With ten questions, you can find out which professor you are most like. Keep track of what letter you answer for each question, and count the total at the end.

Question one: If you could only watch one Netflix show, what would it be?

A. Virgin River

B. Avatar: The Last Airbender

C. Murdoch

D. Gilmore Girls

Question two: If you had the opportunity to replace water with any other drink, what drink would you choose?

A. Root Beer

B. The blood of my enemies/diet mountain dew

C. Hibiscus Tea

D. Coffee

Question three: What social media platform do you most find yourself using?

A. Facebook

B. TikTok

C. Email

D. YouTube

Question four: What is your go-to chick flick?

A. Sweet Home Alabama

B. Chick-Fil-A sauce

C. Princess Diaries

D. Pretty Woman

Question five: Which sport do you most enjoy playing or watching?

A. Football

B. Christians arguing about the second coming of Christ

C. Basketball

D. Skiing

Question six: If you were on death row, what would you request as your last meal?

A. Pasta with homemade sauce

B. Homemade 10 cheese macaroni and cheese

C. Indian

D. Pizza

Question seven: What do you most frequently find yourself doing on weekends?

A. Spending time with my family

B. Searching for my insanity

C. Having dinner with my spouse/significant other

D. Reading

Question eight: If you fell into a vat of radioactive material, what superpower would you most want to gain?

A. Flight

B. The ability to make people not talk

C. Extrasensory Perception

D. Invisibility

Question nine: What girl scout cookie can you never resist?

A. Tagalongs

B. Chunky mint… I mean, Thin Mint

C. Lemonades

D. Samoas

Question ten: What is one worship song or verse that you think is overrated for any reason?

A. “Champion”

B. “Unholy” by Sam Smith

C. John 3:16

D. “Swing Low Sweet Chariot”


Count up those answers!

If you answered mostly As, you are Dr. Vinnie Zarletti!

Dr. Zarletti is an enneagram 5 and an INFP, which makes sense why he’s in the college of fine arts! His advice to all students is, “Try not to live life in a hurry (and don’t underestimate the value of the season you are in now.)” That means you, “ring by spring” enthusiasts. He recommends that all students take the class Theology of Christian Worship. His fun fact is: “I am an avid fantasy football player. I am the commissioner of two leagues and have been in an average of 3-4 leagues per year since 2004.”

If you answered mostly Bs, you are Dean William Tibbetts!

Dean Tibbetts provided some great answers to these questions, though I’m not quite sure he knows what a chick flick is. He is an enneagram 5 and an INTJ, which really explains those unique answers! One piece of advice that he has for all students is, “Dress nicely when you go to class because professors are silently judging you.” So, I guess if you’re in Tibbett’s classes be very, very careful lest his judgment fall upon you. He says that all students should take Introduction to Business. His fun fact is: “I’ve never had a brain freeze but I’ve heard they’re fun!”

If you answered mostly Cs, you are Dr. Nan Muhovich!

Don’t worry, Dr. Nan is not a dog. She is an INTP who is very charismatic. Dr. Nan loves to interact with her students and advises all of them to study! One class she thinks that every student should take is Interpersonal Communications. Her fun fact is: “I have a black and white pitbull puppy.”

If you answered mostly Ds, you are Dr. Gail Weinhold!

Who could have thought that she enjoys reading on the weekends? Dr. Weinhold is an enneagram 2 and an ENFP, and you can tell that she loves people. One piece of advice she has is, “Grades matter for a time. Character matters for a lifetime.” One class that she recommends for all students (which you hopefully won’t fail) is Shakespeare. Her fun fact is: “Birds creep me out.” Oh, Dr. Weinhold, don’t ever look up why pigeons are government drones.

Take this quiz and find out today!