T.J. Jones Library and its Many Uses

December 18, 2023

NCU’s library is an incredible space on campus, and students are usually only aware of a few of its many resources and events. Read on to learn more about the T.J. Jones Library and its lifesaving uses! The library utilizes several different online and paper resources that make life as a modern student that much easier.

This school year seems to be the toughest yet for most people at North Central, but there are many ways to lighten the load. The online databases cover eBooks, audiobooks, academic writers, a reference library, newsletters, and more. A lot of general studies classes have a day to review the more important online resources that are utilized every day, but what are students missing?

There are citation tools that show how to create perfect citations based on different styles (for example: APA, MLA, SBL). There is also the research guide that has links to a lot of different topics, and those links will take you to the best resources available so there is no need to search around! Students also have full-time staff available to them if they need any extended help on research projects.

Home page

Library hours

TJ Jones research databases

MLA formatting resources

APA formatting resources

Ebook resources

MLA and APA citation resources

Digital archive resources (Including yearbooks!)

The T.J. Jones Library website is wonderful to be sure, but what about on-campus tools? The student library assistants are all trained on how to answer questions or guide you directly to someone who can. And, of course, it is a library so there a thousands of books on just about every topic and genre waiting to be checked out! Once a month, the library changes the display by the front desk, advertising different genres or authors. This helps people to go out of their comfort zone and read something they have either never heard of or would usually not gravitate towards. This month is Secret Santa, or as most people know it, blind date with a book. There are several books wrapped, with descriptions written on the wrapping paper, and are available for checkout!

The library on campus is an amazing place to go study with friends, grind out the homework, or get help with a project. Now is the perfect time to head there, finish the final exams, and grab a Secret Santa book on the way out. Being a student is difficult but with the right tools, it can be breezy!

Check out these helpful resource links below!