Save Our Segue

January 3, 2023

Attention NCU Community: Segue needs your help! Due to COVID and a series of break-ins and robberies, the local coffee shop in our community, Segue, is in need of support to pay their staff and make changes to their building. How can you support them? Keep reading to find out.

Segue Coffee is a small, local coffee shop right next to our NCU campus. They offer a place of connection and great coffee to our diverse community and are a huge part of our Elliot Park and North Central neighborhood. It is a hot spot for studying, meetings, and just getting together with friends.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Trey Sharpe, the owner of Segue, in early 2021. He told me a bit about their struggle with closures, adapting to doing business during COVID, and trying to get back up out of the “red” in the future. This previous blog will help to give you some insight into the current things Segue is dealing with. 

In that interview, Sharpe mentioned:

“Financially, it’s not good. We were losing money and business and… momentum.”

All of these struggles have been detrimental to their growth as a business. Segue has even suffered multiple break-ins in the past year. They have needed to replace their front door multiple times and increase their security measures, so that has made a large impact on their recovery as a business.

Here’s the good news: Baristas at Segue have created a Kickstarter campaign to help raise money for the coffee shop! There are only a few days left to donate, so if it is on your heart to give, please do so before Wednesday November 30th, 2022. If you donate a certain amount, you will receive a piece of cool, new and exclusive Segue merchandise from mugs, to shirts, to crewneck sweatshirts.

Even if you cannot donate, you can still support our local coffee shop by visiting and buying your morning coffee at Segue rather than mobile-ordering your typical Starbucks order. It is a great way to support our community and a business that contributes so much to our community!

Help out this little part of the NCU community!