Rebecca's Restaurant Reviews: Hen House Eatery

March 17, 2022

Supporting a business run by women would be a great way to celebrate Women’s History Month. The Hen House Eatery is an amazing dining experience, locally owned and ran by three women. Located on S 8th street and S Marquette street downtown Minneapolis, just a five minute drive or 12 minute walk from the NCU campus. On the weekends, I would suggest calling ahead and making reservations. Although the Hen House has a lot of seats, it’s a very popular place. But on the weekdays, walk-ins are just fine.  There is street parking (must pay) on all surrounding blocks. The price ranges from $20-$30 per person for breakfast or lunch. Their hours are 7am to 3pm on weekdays and 7:30am to 2pm Saturdays and Sundays.

As you stroll down 8th street in the middle of the towering sky-scrapers, you won’t miss the Hen House Eatery. A large metal rooster statue stands at the door for a unique welcome. The restaurant is encased with windows that create a bright, open space. You can bring just one friend or several to enjoy this city bound cuisine spot. The Hen House Eatery is a  large establishment with lots of seating. There is a large bar serving alcoholic beverages in the center of the dining area, but this place is fun, colorful, and exciting for children as well. At the front is a case full of baked goods, cakes, cheesecakes, and dessert bars.

The dining area is a beautiful display of what I call “farm-life-chic”. The service is very friendly and quick; you get welcomed and seated right away. Once you get to your seat, a smiling and friendly server comes to take your drink order. They offer freshly squeezed juice, Kombucha, espresso drinks, and kid’s drinks like chocolate milk. They don’t have physical menus, so you must have your QR code scanner ready to look at the menu online. They have traditional breakfast items, sweet items, Mexican style breakfast items, and delicious healthy options.

I have always been satisfied with every visit to the Hen House, the service, atmosphere, and food always on point. We enjoyed the cinnamon roll pancakes and yogurt and berries that perked up everyone’s sweet tooth. We also tried the green acres avocado toast, country chicken fried steak, biscuits and gravy, and finally the Crab-Baby eggs benedict. We ordered freshly-squeezed OJ and a dirty chai latte. Every dish and drink was delicious and there were no disappointments. Every ingredient tasted fresh, clean, and cooked to perfection and looks vibrant and colorful. I  highly recommend any of these dishes. The menu is kid friendly and has a variety for every age.

Barb Eide Gardiner, Maribel Cuadros Perrault, and Tara Koenig are the owners of the Hen House Eatery. Their goal was to open a place people can enjoy a home cooked meal with their friends and family. I believe that they have created a fun and enjoyable experience for their customers. I highly recommend this place. I have visited the Hen House Eatery several times and have never been disappointed. Next time you are looking for a great place to celebrate, a casual Saturday outing or are just hungry, go and enjoy the Hen House Eatery for a great way to start your day.

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