President Hagan's Leadership Transition

April 17, 2023

During our daily chapel gathering On February 24, 2023, President Scott Hagan the president of North Central University (NCU) in Minneapolis, declared his intention to step down from his role and embark on a new chapter in his life. Hagan expressed his desire to concentrate on writing, speaking, and devoting time to his eleven grandchildren in front of an audience of students faculty, and staff.

NCU was established in the basement of the Minneapolis Gospel Tabernacle in 1930. Now, North Central University has now grown into a prosperous and fully accredited university, owned and managed by 11 districts of the Assemblies of God. Scott Hagan has served as the seventh president of the institution since June 2017, demonstrating effectiveness and faithfulness throughout his time.

When President Hagan announced the new chapter in his life, many students were shocked and taken aback. After hearing him out, students understood the reasons behind why he was moving on and expressed gratefulness for the time he has spent pouring into the lives of NCU students. NCU students were also discouraged because President Hagan was part of the reason they decided to come to NCU. An email regarding President Hagans’s news was sent out right after our daily chapel in case students missed the announcement.

When asked what his thoughts were, student body president Derek Burgin said “When I found out about President Hagan, I was surprised but ultimately happy for him. What I love about him is at his core, President Hagan is a family man and puts his family above all else. I knew it was coming, but there was no obvious indication.” Like Derek mentioned he knew it was coming and I believe many students also knew this announcement was coming sooner or later. 


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