North Central University Revises Graduation Guest Limit

March 19, 2022

On Friday, March 11, 2022, North Central University took measures to alleviate guests when they revised the previous four-person guest limit and raised it to six guests per graduate. NCU graduates have struggled with graduation season in unexpected ways when it comes to inviting guests. This wonderful news was delivered via e-mail to graduates only and it detailed other necessary information that only graduates need.

This news comes weeks after petitions and Google Forms were created by fellow graduates and significant others of graduates. Emma Amiot was one of those students who created a petition which received over one hundred signatures. When asked if she had anything to do with the recent change, if she got to meet with NCU’s Administration, as well as what those meetings looked like, she answered:

“I actually don’t know if I had anything to do with the change. Right after the petition, Bill Tibbetts [NCU Dean of the College of Business and Technology] got me in contact with Vice President [Dr. Jason] Wenschlag and his office. We put something on the calendar to meet but we had to cancel when it came time [to meet]. He did tell me beforehand that they were planning to add two more tickets and that they were having conversations in regards [to] what they would do for next year too. We are still planning to meet. However, I don’t know if I had anything to do with the change or if they found a way to add the two tickets for commencement. I was so relieved to know that they were also exploring different options. I really appreciate that they are already thinking about future ceremonies too, especially since I’m planning to graduate next spring. I know that they care about us because the staff and faculty were willing to hear students’ concerns and were willing to have conversations with us about the issue. I’m so thankful for all they’ve done.”

Whether Emma’s petition had anything to do with the recent changes or not, graduates can expect to have an easier time planning their invitation list. Hopefully, there will be no more battles between parents and fiances about who gets the final remaining ticket.


Any further information regarding meetings with Dr. Wenschlag and other NCU administrators will be covered here. Check out The Northerner’s article from March 8th on the initial issues with the graduation guest limit!

North Central Graduates received news of updates to the spring 2022 graduation guest limit.