Five Online Tools to Simplify Your Semester

Jan 6, 2024
As the beginning of the semester approaches, it’s important to get organized. Here are five online tools to help you simplify your semester!
Natural An online tool that will read your written assignments aloud with various voices. 
Gradesaver: Got a presentation or a test coming up on a difficult book? Check out Grade Saver! With hundreds of classic book summaries/cliff notes, you’ll be memorizing plots in no time. 
Thriftbooks: While not totally an online “tool”, Thriftbooks provides students with discounted books at rock-bottom prices. 
Evernote: A Pinterest-type web application that helps to keep track of multi-media projects in one spot. 
Schooltraq: Keep track of your semester assignments with this free online tool! With automated reminders and an eye-catching organizational format, this tool is meant for anyone!

Scroll through and find your tool for this semester!