Experiential Learning | Faculty Interview: Dr. Aaron McKain

May 18, 2022


Beginning in late November, a group of North Central’s College of Arts and Sciences students created a lineup of faculty interviews. Three comm arts classes including Public Relations, Intro to Digital Media, and Video Production 2 gathered to direct and film video interviews that are now being used for promotional purposes, website content, and social media.

The following interview was conducted on Dr. Aaron McKain, Professor of Communications and Executive Director of the Institute for Digital Humanity. Dr. McKain has always been a driving force when it comes to getting students real-world experience, most notably through the IDH. He provides students with the opportunity to tackle pertinent digital issues whether they are writing, filming, or simply applying their unique strengths. This content created by students is applied to create curriculums and campaigns that make both local and national change.

Watch the interview below!

Students at North Central teamed up to create a number of faculty interviews...

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