Top 5 Things to Do During Spooky Season

October 27, 2023

Written by Mary Botz

The time has come! Grab your comfiest blankets and your spookiest mugs; Halloween season is here! Whether you grew up trick-or-treating or praying for your neighbors, there are things everyone can do to enjoy this month. As a broke college student, it can be tough to have a fun Halloween. Here are a few tricks and treats to spice up the season!

Movie night.

Movie nights are cheap and easy. Grab snacks, and blankets, and head to Clay Commons to watch a spooky movie with your friends. If snacks are not in the budget, stock up on cookies and fruit from the cafeteria in preparation. Invite your floor-mates/suite-mates and make a whole evening of it!

Dress up and hit the town.

Who said dressing up was only for kids? Get your buddies, plan out what easy costume you can throw together the night before, and head out. No need for crowds or crazy people, just head to your favorite fast-food restaurant, and don’t forget to do a photoshoot!

Apple orchard.

The best thing about Minnesota is autumn. Take advantage of the crisp, snow-less weather by going to one of the many apple orchards in the Twin Cities area! At most apple orchards there are apple trees, pumpkin patches, and many apple and pumpkin-themed food items to be drooled over. Get the fresh air while you can.

Spooky thrifting.

A fan of thrifting? Take your friends and go to a thrift store to pick out costumes for each other! Whether you have friends who make you a good costume or make it a contest to see who has the worst outfit, this is a fun and cheap way to get dressed for the holiday.

Themed homework night

Yes, Halloween is on Tuesday this year, which means it is okay to not go crazy. Grab a bag of Halloween candy, instant apple cider, and have a study night in your room or lounge! What makes schoolwork go by more easily than candy and good company?

 Whether or not you celebrate the Halloween season, everyone should be able to have fun in their own way. Make the best of it and spend time with the people you care about, and don’t forget to stay safe and spooky. Check the links below for more ways to celebrate!

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