An Ode to Finals Week

April 24, 2023

Finals week, finals week,

Wherefore art thou finals week?

Study guides have been passed around,

Causing many students fear.

Useless notes and stress abounds,

We really need some cheer.

Please, dear finals week,

Let me nap,

And I’ll ace all my classes,

No cap.


Finals week, here you are.

Students are tired near and far.

I took a test this morning,

And will take even more still.

Studying is boring,

I swear, I’d rather pay a bill.

I want to go to Carlson,

And with some friends play pool.

But that’s not going to happen,

Because of you, beloved school.


Classes have passed their peak,

With more than a minor freak.

And now in the caf there is not a sound.

Students have left for the end of the year,

Few summer residents are to be found.

Professors now disappear.

On Philips stage no one will speak,

No one will sing and no one will rap.

The soccer field will show its grasses,

Over the summer gap.

A Poem to Commemorate