Table Salt Blog’s Post on New Librarian Hire

March 15, 2022

Whether you’re an avid reader or a student looking to write a paper, everyone is going to end up in the library for some reason. An exemplary librarian wishes to cultivate an environment which inspires a thirst for knowledge while allowing them to work in peace. An alum of NCU, Rachelle Waldon, loves T.J. Jones and all of its “quirks” and as a new hire is striving for exactly this. 

Our library is a great place to get work done, do some research, or print out some course materials. With simple amenities such as free coffee, reservable study rooms, a computer lab, a designated quiet room, even a DVD and DVD player collection. Our librarians have worked to make it a comfortable arena to take on our work.

Despite this, there is more work to be done to make the library a better environment for students to work. Plans are already in mind to work on the second-floor. To make this plan a realization you can donate to NCU on Give Day, March 10-11, and make our library a better resource for all.

Curious about our new librarian? Or perhaps the new plans for the library? More information in “Childhood Passion Fuels Career Path For Librarian – Table Salt | NCU Blog.”

"Childhood Passion Fuels Career Path For Librarian" - Table Salt Blog