Rams Volleyball on Road to Success?

September 28, 2023

For the first time in program history, the North Central Ram’s volleyball team started their season undefeated. With six returners and twelve freshmen, the volleyball team is showing more promise than it has in years. Is this the beginning of a new legacy for the volleyball team?

The 2023 North Central University Rams volleyball team is on the road to success with a young and skilled roster. For the past three years, the volleyball team has been slowly but surely making its way back up the ranks of both the Upper Midwest Athletic Conference (UMAC), and also the National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA). The Rams are currently the leading team in the UMAC, this is the first time NCU volleyball has been in the top 4 of the conference, only joining the UMAC eleven years ago. In 2022, the Rams finished in the top ten of the NCCAA for the first time ever. Because of this, they qualified for the national tournament. With the level of competition these athletes are at, there is a lot of suspense in the air for the outcome of this season.  

Captain Grace Brigson said, “I hope this season is filled with fun competition! We have such a wonderful group of freshmen and a solid back row; I think we can expect great things. The UMAC is such a competitive conference, and our team should be able to stick with them this year.”

With four freshmen on the court, the Ram’s statistics have been continuously rising since the very start of the season. Montanna Sykora with 38 overall kills and 35 digs; Lola Huhta with 64 kills and 34 digs; Lily McCarty with 124 assists, 10 aces, and 73 digs, and Sydney Carlson with a whopping 112 kills and 95 digs. This is an amazing experience for freshmen to not only prove themselves but also help their team achieve their goals this season.

Returning to the court is junior Jada Lee with 89 digs, 10 aces and 15 assists; sophomore Maci Tripp with 157 digs, 12 aces and 26 assists; sophomore Lexi Semrau with 70 kills and 25 blocks, junior Hailey Lerfald with 105 kills, 32 digs and 29 blocks; Katie Martin with 96 digs, 12 assists and 15 aces, and junior Grace Brigson with 202 assists, 7 aces and 54 digs.

Because of the Ram’s success, students have been flocking to the gym to show school spirit. Having a consistent student section is also a new experience for the volleyball team, and it has been really boosting the morale and energy of the athletes

With more room for competition on the court this season, the North Central volleyball team has earned to have great things ahead of them. At the beginning of the season, pray that the women will stay safe and work hard! Head to the gym on game days to watch history play out!

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Head out to the gym to watch history play out!

Mary Botz

Mary Botz