Experiential Learning: Faculty Interview with Professor Neely Tamminga

September 27, 2022

Beginning in late November of 2021, classes from North Central’s College of Arts and Sciences rallied together and created a lineup of faculty interviews. Three comm arts classes including Public Relations, Intro to Digital Media, and Video Production 2 gathered to direct and film faculty interviews. These interviews are now used for promotional purposes, website content, and social media.

The following interview was conducted with The College of Business and Technology’s Assistant Professor Neely Tamminga. Over the last two years, Tamminga has incorporated her real-life business experiences into undergraduate and graduate-level classes at NCU. She specializes in teaching Macroeconomics, Christian Leadership and Ethics, Principles of Management, Intro to Project Management alongside several graduate classes. Her passion is helping students develop critical thinking skills through discussions, data-driven assignments and reflective writing. 

Before coming to NCU, Tamminga worked on Wall Street as a research analyst. Speaking about her experience, Tamminga said, “While I was on Wall Street, I advised professional investors. As they were navigating their portfolios of investments, they would come to me and ask for opinions on companies in the consumer sector.” Within the classroom, Tamminga focuses on helping students understand and build a language of trust to take with them into the business sector. 

Watch the interview below!

"We spend a lot of time in our classroom talking about trust."