The School of Math and Science, What You Need to Know!

August 17, 2022

Leah Cook is the Director of the School of Math and Science. She supports specific areas and key features of science and math that are foundational to liberal arts education. The math and science programs at North Central University are growing, they are updated in the tools that they use, and the math instructors are passionate about teaching and sharing math. Math is an area that builds into various careers like teaching, analytics, and aesthetician. The science program is up and coming with faculty passionate about teaching science and having a Christian perspective.

Cook said, “We want our students to learn diverse thoughts and be critical of scientific information. Furthermore, we want them to be using updated materials, instruments, and models in a public sector, which is a key point in our science program,” Cook continued, “with a science degree you have the opportunity to work in a variety of places, especially in Minnesota and the surrounding Midwest states.”

You also have a foundation to explore professional health programs and graduate biological programs.” Cook continued, saying students can expect when taking our courses that faculty will be advising, supporting, and mentoring them as they walk through the program. Students can also expect to see a low student-to-faculty ratio, which allows for more relationship building with experts in the field of science and math. They can also expect to build a degree that will be tailored to their graduate school interests while having a Christian studies minor. 

Cook discussed how the biology department is made up of 95% athletes. Athletes make up a large portion of the program, which is very unique compared to other Schools within NCU. An important thing to add is that access to faculty makes our program, and NCU as a whole, stand out from other programs and universities. 

The future holds some great things for the School of Math and Science, Cook explained, “We are always exploring new opportunities and seeking interdisciplinary programs that can help our students excel beyond graduation. The math faculty partner closely with the education faculty to offer math education courses so they kind of bridge and meld a little bit.”

Cook continued, “I don’t think other colleges realize the foundational work we do for the University. I think that we have a lot of great things going and happening that support many and multiple university initiatives. We have endured many changes but also have amazing faculty that allows us to be regularly accredited through many accredited bodies.” At NCU you can get education degrees while being in a Pentecostal University environment, it is a great opportunity for faith-driven students to pursue their careers. 

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“With a science degree you have the opportunity to work in a variety of places, especially in Minnesota and the surrounding Midwest states."

- Leah Cook, Director of the School of Math and Science