The Chosen Season Two Review

May 9, 2022

The second season of The Chosen starts off with the disciples reminiscing about their first encounter with Jesus. This draws us into a more intimate perspective on the disciples. Whereas season one gives the viewer small glimpses of the disciple’s memories, season two is similar, but instead the disciples further in the future. In season two we see more of the disciples and learn more about who they were in the story, but we see more of Jesus. The second season brings on more surprises, additional stories from the Bible, and increased character development of Jesus and His disciples. 

Consistent with season one, season two did not disappoint with production value and acting from the cast. This series has only gotten better from the first season. In season one; the plot focused on uncovering how the disciples found Jesus, with little time on the miracles and journey of Jesus. But in season two, there is a lot more time spent on Jesus’ miracles, character, and journey. In addition, more disciples are introduced in the second season. 

Alongside the introduction of additional disciples, we are shown the rising tensions between the disciples. Though this tension is not written in the Bible, The Chosen does an incredible job showing the human nature of the disciples. Sometimes we tend to deify Jesus’ disciples, forgetting that they were humans with similar character traits like us. These tensions bring out the character defects and grief of each disciple within season two. But even in the hardship, this is a beautiful way Jesus’s loving character comes out. 

One disciple’s introduction, in particular, is surprising. Inevitably, he has to become part of Jesus’ story, but his introduction is creative and dramatic. Through some mid-season episodes, we see the life of this disciple, not knowing who he is or why his story is being told. But by the final episode we are introduced to his identity, ending the season with a dramatic twist. 

The Chosen is a unique perspective on the life of Jesus and his disciples, though it is fictionalized, the stories from the Bible are true. That being said, it exposes viewers who don’t know Jesus a glimpse of his perfect love for us. In season two, we see the faults and bad decisions of the disciples, choices and behaviors that would be looked down on even in today’s culture. But in The Chosen, we get to see how Jesus forgives and accepts them for who they are. This is a powerful message, seeing the disciples know they are not worthy, but still, Jesus chose them to follow Him. 

Overall, this is a highly entertaining series that won’t disappoint. I was very excited and quickly got sucked into this season. It wasn’t the fact that many people recommended it to me, it was just that good! There were moments that moved me to tears and reminded me of the love of Jesus. I hope that many people get the opportunity to experience this series. 

Season two leaves you wanting more; it creates an anticipated excitement for season three. Season three’s release date is still pending for late 2022, stay tuned for more! 

A Glimpse of Jesus’ Perfect Love, Leaving You Wanting More