Professor Priscilla Koeckeritz

An accomplished business operations and marketing strategy leader for Brin Glass Company, Priscilla Koeckeritz is in the business of solving industry challenges and driving growth. Her expansive management experience coupled with her unique entrepreneurship expertise, ranging from software creation to dynamic marketing and business development strategies, has made her a trusted leader and inspiring mentor.

Multi-tasking in both the conference room and classroom, Priscilla brings fresh perspective to students as an adjunct communications professor at North Central University and lends her business network to developing internships and opportunities for emerging professionals.  As advisor to the Northerner since January 2022, she is working with student leaders to build the now online digital publication into a fully student-run organization feeding information to students on campus and the local NCU and Minneapolis communities.

Priscilla is passionate about developing the next generation of leaders. She teaches communication classes each semester bridging students from classroom work into experiential learning projects to build their professional skill set. She gives back to the business community by mentoring women into leadership roles and helping startup companies through programs such as MN Cup.

Hannah Grubbs – Editor

Hi everyone! My name is Hannah Grubbs and I am this year’s editor-in-chief of the Northerner. This will be my last year on staff as I graduate in December with a degree in Journalism. Over the past four years, I have enjoyed writing and editing for this paper, especially being able to see it grow to bring more content to a digital space. 

I’m originally from Ohio, right outside the Cleveland area. I was recruited to play basketball initially, fell in love with the city and campus, and eventually joined the soccer team as well. My communication classes introduced me to the Institute for Digital Humanity in which I now head up the Filter Bubble initiative and help with other sorts of research and development projects. I was recently hired as the College of Arts & Sciences Academic Admin for a full time position. So although I will be graduating (in one semester!), I’ll still be around NCU and involved with the Northerner in some capacity.

Outside all that, I love music, both playing and listening. I grew up playing the piano, so I have a soft spot for classical, orchestra, jazz type music, but my average day of listening includes alternative, pop, and R&B. I enjoy going out to the movies or staying in, just movies in general. Some of my favorites (in no particular order) from the last year would have to be Nope, The Lie, Don’t Look Up, and Top Gun Maverick.

Micah Headley – Editor

Hello, my name is Micah Headley and I am a media communications major in my senior year. I joined the Northerner because I was not always a huge fan of journalistic writing but I knew that I had to grow beyond my comfort zone so I jumped right in to get some hands-on experience.

I graduated from Forest Lake High School and ever since I stepped out those doors for the last time I knew that my future was here at NCU. I really didn’t look around much because I knew North Central had the exact on-campus culture I was looking for, this university is relatively small but offers some of the greatest opportunities. Since my freshman year I have been involved with the IDH and Dr. Aaron McKain and I now serve as their Research Project Manager. I recently joined the newly established Esports program and I am very excited to see how it develops. I love to make music in my free time and play the drums at my parent’s church that launched just over a year ago.

Madi Olejnicak – Editor

Hello! My name is Madi and I am an editor at the Northerner. Currently, I am in my senior year at North Central pursuing journalism. My favorite part about North Central is the beautiful campus, daily chapels, and the incredible people I’ve met while attending here. Writing became one of my favorite pastimes in high school, and I decided to make a living out of it while in college. 

In my spare time, I love hanging out with my friends, going on little adventures, painting and spending time with family. I also love animals and have had many critters over the years including a 24 year old horse I currently own. A couple of fun facts about me: I used to be able to do a backflip, I’ve been to Europe twice, and I can’t skip stairs two at a time. I am excited for this upcoming year, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Izzy Krebs – Writer

My name is Isabelle, also known as Izzy, Krebs. I am a Junior and my major is Journalism with a track in Public Relations in Business. I chose to join the Northerner because of my interest in writing and wanted to gain some great experience by writing for NCU’s school newspaper. I think it will sharpen my skills and push me out of my comfort zone more and more. I chose to come to NCU because of the environment, the faculty-to-student ratio, and the people. I have been immensely grateful to have been at NCU for already two full years and I have learned so much from my professors, faculty, students, and job opportunities. I’m excited to see where my future takes me!

Upon coming to NCU, I was given a wide variety of writing opportunities in classes. Those really opened my eyes to my writing capabilities and challenged me as a new writer. The whole process of setting up and conducting the interviews, and writing the first, second, third drafts to get to a solid piece of writing taught me so much. Along with that, I am the Public Relations Intern for the College of Arts and Sciences at NCU. I have really enjoyed the real-life experiences and seeing the many large accomplishments made during this internship.

As for my hobbies, I love to watch movies, especially rom coms. You name it and I’ve most likely watched it. On the flip side, I really love outdoor activities, whether it’s camping, kayaking, hiking, going on walks, bike rides, etc. I also dabble in photography.

Andrea Huichapa – Writer

Hello, my name is Andrea. I am a Sophomore here at NCU majoring in Communications with a track in PR/Business and a minor in leadership. I joined the Northerner because I love being able to communicate with all students on campus through this amazing source of communication. Although I am a PR major and the Northerner is known for writing, I definitely think there is a place for me to be a part of this amazing Northerner team, by helping out in different areas and maybe even expanding some ideas and posting other content to reach different platforms. 

I was born and raised in Minnesota but my parents are originally from Mexico. I chose NCU because of the community and because of the faith-based culture they have here. Here at NCU, they have several organizations, clubs, and sports that everyone can be a part of. One organization that I am a part of is LU (Latinos Unidos). It is an organization meant to reach on-campus Latinx students and to teach other people on campus about our culture. I have several hobbies and passions, some of those consist of hanging out with friends and family, playing volleyball, and exploring the city. 

Sierra Welch – Writer

Hello! My name is Sierra Welch and I am from Rochester, MN, one of the healthcare capitals of the world! My major here at NCU is the Communications and Journalism track with a Pre-Law and Bible studies minor. Coming to North Central has been quite the unexpected journey, but God has been so faithful in making a way where I thought there was no way! Before I came to NCU I was a student at Winona State University, finished my Liberal Arts and Science Associates, took a year off from school, and then the Lord brought me to North Central. Now I am coming in as a junior. Through the process of transferring schools the Lord made it abundantly clear that this was the next step in becoming equipped for what He has called me to do for the Kingdom and the glory of God!

I joined the Northerner to enhance, develop, and sharpen my writing skills! I am very excited to grow in my writing
skills, use these new skills to glorify the Lord, and use them to share about the King of the universe! My journey has just begun here at NCU and because of this I have not yet joined any clubs or organizations on campus, but
I am looking forward to doing so! One of my greatest passions on this side of eternity is theology, the absolute truth about Jesus Christ, and His word. I love to take the worldview that I have as a young, Christian woman, and seek to bring it into the public and cultural square. I desire to be able to communicate through different channels and mediums God’s truth in love, gentleness, and respect. I am excited about all I will get to learn throughout my time at North Central University!

Lillian Lindberg – Writer 

Greetings! My name is Lillian Lindberg, I am a senior here at North Central, and a Secondary English Language Arts Education major. This is my first year being a writer for the Northerner. Being a part of the Northerner will allow me to continue growing in different styles of writing, understand the inner workings of a publication, and support North Central’s news literacy.

I originally am from Delano, Minnesota. So if you were to drive West on 394, when you hit cornfields…you know you are close. Because I lived in a smaller town, there is not much to do, so I decided to jump-start my collegiate career by enrolling in Postsecondary Enrollment Options. I originally chose North Central because it was an easy-ish commute, familiar, and not my high school. In my second year of Postsecondary, I served as a mentor for new PSEO students choosing to attend NCU and aided them as they adjusted to a college setting. After my two PSEO years, I had fallen in love with the Education professors and department and decided to stay. Currently, I am a teaching assistant for British Literature and getting prepared for student teaching in the Spring!

As for learning a bit more about me… I am an extroverted person who understands and practices the art of “alone time.” People tend to refer to me as a grandma, which I accept. I would totally jive with your grandma. I enjoy going to sleep early, waking up early, embroidering, thinking, talking, going on walks, endless board and card games (I am competitive though), and, of course, teaching.

I look forward to sharing stories, thoughts, and ideas with our surrounding communities on and off campus through the Northerner.

Clara Galley  – Writer

Hi there! My name is Clara Galley and I am a Junior at North Central University studying Media Communications. I am so excited to join the Northerner staff this year! I wanted to join because I have a passion for storytelling, both fiction and non-fiction, and I want to tell the stories of the people in and around this campus. I grew up in Lakeville, Minnesota, so I have always been close to North Central. I had visited NCU many times throughout my childhood and teen years, so I was able to get an idea of the community and values. When the time came for me to go to college, I felt that God had called me to be a student here.

Some of the things I have participated in at NCU include Render, the Institute for Digital Humanity, and Delta Kappa, the women’s ministry on campus. These are all great ways to get involved on campus, and they have helped me grow in my skills and passions!

I am an avid movie-goer and coffee drinker. You will often find me with an iced latte in my hand walking around campus. Something that goes hand-in-hand with my love of films is filmmaking. One of my favorite things is to write, film, and edit my own short films. One of my other biggest passions is music and worship, and I have been on my church worship team for a few years now. I also have a love for ministry, especially in the context of Youth, and I have the privilege of also being a youth leader at my church!