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Moises Morales 

Moises is in a junior studying Media Communications. He is 20 years old and this is his second semester on the Northerner as a writer

Sarah Haglund

Sarah Haglund is in her junior year as a Journalism major. This is her second semester as a staff writer on the Northerner. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys skiing and playing tabletop games with her friends.

Bradley Nakamura

Bradley Nakamura is a junior Communications Digital Media major here at North Central University and is currently enrolled in his second semester as a staff writer for the Northerner Practicum.  He is also on the school’s baseball team and is part of the Athletics Communication Staff. Bradley has a big passion for digital media and dreams of one day working for the MLB as a digital marketing video editor.    

Israel Futsum

Israel is a Junior this year working on a digital media major and a minor in entrepreneurship. He is 22 years old and this is his second year on the Northerner.

Amanda Ahrens

Amanda Ahrens started attending North Central University in the fall of 2019
and is currently a freshman. She is majoring in Communications: Media. Amanda has a passion for writing and specifically enjoys fictional writing. This is Amanda’s first semester as a staff member for the Northerner, and she is looking forward to be a part of the team.

Kaylea Whitwam 

Kaylea Whitwam is a Junior Media Communications major. Kaylea has been on staff for the Northerner for the past three semesters as the photographer. Kaylea has been doing Photography for three years and loves capturing stories. One day Kaylea hopes to integrate Media and Ministry in an impactful way.

Victorian Johnson 

Victorian Johnson is a junior Media Communications major with a minor in journalism,
and is currently enrolled in her second semester as a reporter for The Northerner. She has spent a
large portion of her education in arts schools and thus brings a unique set of creative skills to her
work, including digital and visual arts. She dreams of one day travelling the world as an investigative video journalist, creating documentaries that shine light on human rights issues and advocating for non-profit work.

Hunter Beard 

With a writing experience of over two years, Hunter has honed his craft via an online blog, Salt and Light, and currently serves as a staff writer for the Northerner. He presently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is pursuing a B.S. in Secondary Education (5-12) with a specialization in English. A nature admirer, coffee lover, and free spirit at heart, he deeply enjoys the transcendent experience of solitude within nature through his varying adventures. In the future, Hunter hopes to become a missionary educator and to eventually take his faith abroad.

Hannah Fischer

Hannah is a sophomore this year studying creative writing for her English major. She is 19 years old and is serving her first semester on the Northerner staff as a writer.

Micah Headley

Micah Headley is a writer for the Northerner. He is 18 years old and is a freshman at North Central studying digital media. He was apart of the EMT program his senior year of high school and he enjoys creating videos and making music along with his floor-mates.