Pop-Up Shop Take Over NCU

March 31, 2022

The normally bustling atrium added ten in North Central University (NCU) student run businesses. The Pop-Up Shop, put on by the College of Business Technology (COBAT), ran from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday Mar. 30 and saw a mix of different companies all run by current and former NCU students. Below are the businesses that were in attendance!

Beezy Wraps

Run by Olivia Voerster

These ‘wraps’ are completely biodegradable and reusable bags, a substitute for the millions of tons of plastic bags that are not recycled. 

Contact Info:

Phone: 651-253-8853

Email: ovoerster@gmail.com

Instagram: @beezy_wraps

Comfy Pup

Run by Sydney McNurlin

These custom sweatshirts are for humans, not dogs! If you have a cute dog (or any dog), Comfy Pup is the place for you.

Contact Info:

Phone: 651-202-6801

Email: Smcnurlin@gmail.com

Instagram: @comfypupdesigns


Canaan C Studios

Run by Canaan Crawford

With completely original designs of all mediums, this art studio is home to many beautiful pieces.

Contact Info:

Website: www.canaancstudios.com

Email: canaancstudios@gmail.com

Instagram: @canaancstudios

Uniquely Me Bakery

Run by Micah Zupke

The bakery centered around peanut and treenut free sweets ranging from cookies, bars, cakes, and cupcakes!

Contact Info:

Website: www.uniquelymebakery.com

Phone: 952-222-7565

Email: UniquelyMeBakery@gmail.com

Instagram & Facebook: @uniquelymebakery


Run by Roman Sawczak

An “up and coming clothing brand” focused on advocating for mental health through different hoodie and tshirt designs

Contact Info:

Website: shopnovey.com

Instagram: @noveyclothing

Total Clothing

Run by Rachel Lampton

Essentially where the thrift store comes to you, except it’s the best of the best!

Contact Info:

Instagram: @total_clothingco


Run by Dariel Orantes Salazar

This clothing brand’s goal is all about spreading the kingdom, Reino in Spanish, of God in comfortable style.

Contact Info:

Website: reino.shop

Instagram: @shop.reino

Rogue’s Trove

Run by Jamaal Leighty

A company for Dungeons and Dragons enthusiasts who are also looking for a new way to do character sheets.

Contact Info:

Website: www.roguestrove.com

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Twitch & YouTube: @rogues_trove


Run by Brianna Peters

Enjoy all sorts of baked goods that are gluten free, vegan, and most importantly, delicious!

Contact Info:

Website: www.bakeologygfv.com

Instagram: @bakeologygfv

MC’s Juice Bar

Run by Markel

Looking for a good healthy source of brain food? Go to MC’s Juice Bar for 100% organic alkaline smoothies and wellness shots.

Contact Info:

Website: www.mcsjuicebar.com

Instagram: @mcsjuicebar

Put on by COBAT, NCU student businesses migrated to the atrium to share their companies with the rest of campus.