The new and improved baseball team

Have you ever thought about why the baseball team is practicing early?
The baseball team is getting ready for the spring season by holding fall practices in which the new and returning players can get to know each other and also learn from each other. When asked how they felt about fall practice, the players all said that they loved it.

Your Turn: Intramural Edition

A cold Saturday morning. Franklin Park. The brisk air is filled with the shouts of students cheering the name of their floor. Some players wear cleats and UnderArmor; others, simply shorts and a t-shirt. However, all are united by the belt they wear with a colored flag attached at each side. With all of the sports played at North Central, whether it's baseball, soccer or basketball, no sport gets quite the level of involvement that Intramural Football does. Cuts, scrapes, bruises and stitches; North Central students endure it all for the love of the game. And with 18 teams composed of the finest men and women North Central has to offer, team spirit is a necessity. Here's what some students had to say about their team: