NCU Efforts to Can the Spam

Spam is defined as “internet slang that refers to unsolicited email (UCE) or unsolicited bulk email (UBE),” according to Indiana University’s website.
People commonly call spam junk email. Spammers often use bots, automatic programs used to scour the Internet, to collect addresses or buy them from other companies in bulk. Spammers, having nothing to lose, often send thousands or even tens of thousands of messages for just one response.

NCU Faculty Involved with New Bible Translation

On January 1 2010, the Military Bible Association will publish The Leader’s Bible, which is an update to the King James Version and designed specifically for the military. Features will include the Founding Father’s Statements on Religious Freedom, Moral Leadership in the Founding of America, The Role of Military Chaplains, Military Prayer and Hymns, Military & Church Creeds, The Military Code of Conduct, Nine Leadership Beatitudes, and Six Factors for Ethical Decision-Making.

New Faculty Profiles

Todd Wold is the new chair of the communication arts department. Wold attended North Central for his first three years of undergraduate study. He also traveled with Chorale on trips throughout Europe during his time at North Central.

New PSEO students hit the books at NCU

High school students across Minnesota are getting an early jump on the college experience through the PSEO (Post Secondary Enrollment Option) program. North Central sponsors 61 PSEO participants on campus. Another 68 students attend North Central’s satellite program for PSEO, the Y.E.A.H. (Youth Educated At Home) Academy in Roseville, Minn. The Academy is staffed by North Central adjunct faculty and offers students the opportunity to take North Central PSEO courses at the Roseville location.

Sports Column: It’s Playoff Time

The time has come for intramural playoffs, and it’s my job to offer some insight on the intense teams that are fighting their way to the Super Bowl. It’s pretty hard to predict anything when it comes to intramural football, so I’m forced to use my elite analyst skills on this one. This past Saturday was “upset week”, as three of the top four seeds got knocked out of the playoff picture. Four East Carlson beat 5 West Carlson, 3 West Carlson beat MOE, and 2 West Phillipps beat 2 East Phillipps. The only non-upset was 4 West Carlson defeating 2 East Carlson.

Trials and Triumphs: An Unforgettable Volleyball Experience

I wanted to be a part of a family that wouldn’t let me give up, no matter how weak and tired I was. I wanted to slide across the floor, roll over my shoulder, and be up the next minute to hit the ball down at my opponent. I wanted to show people the love of God through my passion for a game that God gave me the ability to play. I joined the North Central Volleyball team.