WCCO anchor visits communication arts chapel

Mike Binkley, a television news anchor for local CBS affiliate WCCO, was the guest speaker at the communications department chapel on Feb. 18. After speaking of his journey to faith, Binkley explained the importance of being a Christian voice in the news media and that diversity in the newsroom should include race, gender and people of faith.

The perils of illegal downloading

According to the University of Rochester, 80 percent of Americans view stealing a DVD from a store as a serious crime. At the same time, 40 percent of Americans view downloading movies illegally as a serious crime. But there is no difference between these crimes. Illegally downloading a DVD or a CD from the Internet is the same as snatching the DVD or CD from a store.

The Great Golf Team

The North Central golf team has proved that they can compete with teams like Northwestern, University of Minnesota Morris and Martin Luther. The team is the first in North Central history to win the Upper Midwest Athletic Conference (UMAC) championship.

Sports Column: It’s Playoff Time

The time has come for intramural playoffs, and it’s my job to offer some insight on the intense teams that are fighting their way to the Super Bowl. It’s pretty hard to predict anything when it comes to intramural football, so I’m forced to use my elite analyst skills on this one. This past Saturday was “upset week”, as three of the top four seeds got knocked out of the playoff picture. Four East Carlson beat 5 West Carlson, 3 West Carlson beat MOE, and 2 West Phillipps beat 2 East Phillipps. The only non-upset was 4 West Carlson defeating 2 East Carlson.