New Life Family Services Now Open in Phillips Community

December 19, 2022


On Monday, December 5th, New Life Family Services (NLFS) in the Minneapolis Phillips Community began its full-time operations Monday- Friday 8:30-4 pm. This location sits at 2015 Chicago Avenue, Suite B, Minneapolis, MN 55404 across from the busiest bus stop in the state of Minnesota to aid this low-income community. Almost 44% of the people living within this community live below the poverty line. The NLFS and First Care Pregnancy Center will now be available to fulfill the needs of this community. They aim to provide “Comprehensive parenting, pregnancy, and family support, we can provide real hope and stability to families in the urban core of our city and make a difference for life.”

Under the umbrella of NLFS is the First Care Pregnancy Center which provides comprehensive pregnancy services which include free pregnancy tests, STI tests, and treatment, parenting classes, ultrasounds, etc. These services can be accessed by visiting the location, making an appointment by calling (612) 866- 7715, or visiting their site.

Within the state of MN, there are approximately 10,000 abortions per year. One-third of those women live in Hennepin County, and nearly 60% of these women already have children (NLFS). This organization seeks to aid these families in need and the women seeking their free services. To help this organization in its efforts, donations can be made at their site as well as filling out a volunteer form. Their call for volunteers is The call to protect life is too large for one person or organization to do alone. We need your help to make this exciting vision a reality. Thousands of families struggling to make ends meet will be met with love and offered tangible resources, hope, and saving grace that ultimately transform lives.”

FREE pregnancy resources available