NCU Yearbook Hairstyles Over the Years

November 7, 2022

I found myself recently in the T.J. Jones Library looking through the yearbooks. As I was looking, it’s safe to say I was astonished by the different hairstyles throughout the years/decades.

Please enjoy this article full of pictures of the most trendy, neat, and bold hairstyles North Central students have rocked over the decades. You may even see your parents or grandparents! If you do, be sure they see their feature in our article.

The 1930s

The 1930s were all about the classy curler waves, popular among both females and males of the decade.


The 1940s

A decade later and the curler waves were still very popular among women in the 1940s but now with much more length and volume. As you can see the men cut their hair shorter and kept it very neat and clean with lots of gel.


The 1950s

I love the transition into the 1950s as  you see this style of glasses worn by many women, as well as a more brushed out, curler wave hairstyle. The men’s hairstyle stays exactly the same, very slicked to the side and neat.


The 1960s

The 1960s jumps straight into the “beehive” hairstyle. This was a very popular trend among NCU women, but they styled it very well, I will give them that. And as you can see the popular way to do a men’s haircut is to keep it clean, short, and slicked to the side, with again, lots of gel.


The 1980s

I decided to skip the 1970’s because many of the hairstyles were almost identical to the 1960’s so I skipped straight into the 1980’s. (And trust me, it is worth it.) 

The year of the mullet, perm, and voluminous hair. Oh, and I was very surprised by the amount of mustaches that were being sported during the 1980’s.


The 1990s

Sadly, the 1990s was the last decade of yearbooks that I had access to. My first observation was the number of crimped hairstyles and perms I saw. Having lots of volume was what you wanted. As for the men, I didn’t see a huge difference between the hairstyles I saw in the yearbook versus the hairstyles guys have now. I think it is safe to assume the 90s hairstyles are coming back for men. The gel was ditched and a looser, longer hairstyle was embraced.



All the trends from 1930s to 1990s...