NCU Students 2022 Summer Internships

April 12, 2022

Summer internships are a great opportunity for North Central students to get experience in their career field. Doing an internship while at NCU allows for students to use resources provided by the school to find one that best suits their interests. Attending a university in the heart of Minneapolis allows for almost endless opportunities. In an interview with Myles Krammer, a current junior in Psychology, he outlined all the ways his summer internship is perfect for him.  

Krammer has the opportunity to intern at Equine Assisted Learning Ranch with Todd Monger this summer. In this position Krammer will be working with adoptive families in a ranch setting. Duties will include working with children of  the families to better communication skills through the use of animals. In doing so, the children will learn how to communicate with others by learning how animals use their body language to communicate. This will allow the children to understand what healthy communication is and how it can impact people’s futures.

Growing up on a family ranch in North Dakota with siblings who are also adopted, Krammer feels right at home with this internship. Krammer has learned a lot from animals with his experience on a ranch. He has a big heart for adopted children and is excited to put the two together to help better the lives of many families. Working with a familiar face like Todd Monger will allow for a more personable growing opportunity as well. 

Judah Sitcler was also interviewed on his past experience as an intern last summer. Was required to serve at a church as a Youth Students intern. Sitcler would attend Riverdale Church Sundays and Wednesdays as well as sitting in on staff meetings Mondays and Tuesdays. Sitcler served directly under the youth pastor. His position included logging information in the computer, sending out emails, summer camp, helping lead a mission trip and helping with youth students Wednesday nights. 

Sitcler’s RA, Josh Ruby, was offered the same internship the summer prior but due to COVID-19 it was no longer feasible. Ruby then referred Sitcler to the position as he would be a great fit. This internship peaked Sitcler’s interest due to it being a paid position and how close to campus the church was. After meeting the staff of the church, Sitcler was sold on wanting to intern at Riverdale Church. 

Many skills were learned from Sitcler’s time as an intern last summer. One in particular was to constantly be evaluating and understanding why. To make sure the actions taken as leaders are done with intentionality and in the best interest of others. For Sitcler, striving to have a purpose driven ministry was huge while being an intern this past summer. 

Getting an internship can seem like a daunting task. But it’s important to remember we are positioned in a community that offers constant support. Past and current students, staff and faculty members are always willing to help students. It’s important to take it one step at a time in order to gain the knowledge you can when given such great opportunities.

What internships are NCU students doing this upcoming summer?