NCU Missions Over the Years

September 29, 2022

With a global studies major, it’s no secret that missions are important to North Central. Look at how different initiatives evolved over the years before NCU was a university, but a bible college.

Missions Action Bands

Pictured in most yearbooks before the 90’s, these groups met weekly to pray over specific mission areas including Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Deaf & Blind, Europe, and the ‘Homeland’ of the U.S.


Missionary Conventions

In the 1976 convention, the theme was to “Tell the Untold” in which Reverend Gene Martin (pictured on right) stated: “It is now 9:55 A.M. in Minneapolis, 11:55 A.M. in Buenos Aires, 10:55 A.M. in Bogota, 4:55 P.M. in London, and it is 10:55 P.M. in Tokyo, one day before. Since we began our convention the world population increased by 172,364.”

The 1987 convention took its focus to major cities, supporting the new installation of the Urban Ministries minor offered at North Central. The assembly titled “The City: for the Lord’s Sake” went much longer than expected because of “the moving of the spirit” and several classes had to be canceled.

I found it!

The 1976 “I found it” initiative caused many who saw the slogan to ask, “Who found what?” This simple yet ingenious marketing strategy was promoted on billboards, bumper stickers, shirt pins, and much more. It was started by a group of pastors in Atlanta, GA who would answer the phone when the curious called. NCU students aided in answering phones and promoting the brand.



Now, a few fun pictures with their original slogans…

“Students learn new techniques in soul-winning” – 1977

“…So run, that ye may obtain! 1 Corinthians 9:24” – 1977

“Here am I: Send me.” Isaiah 6:8 – 1950

“ALASKA BAND – Cold in Minnesota tool Preparation.” -1950

“Rev. Ray Trask goes on an evangelistic tour via elephant in Burna.” -1966

“Did he say he GAVE blood or he wants blood? ‘He-He…Boo!!!!!!!…’” -1988

A yearbook dive into how NCU has impacted the world through missions.