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Bringing Student News Stories to a New Level

The Northerner has traditionally prepared news reports pertaining to North Central University students, but this semester has decided to move into a new sphere of reporting. The mission of the Northerner podcast is to give a new voice to the news organization and the people that it represents. This podcast will be hosted by senior, business administration major, Sydney Burroughs for the Spring 2019 semester. The podcast will encompass different current events, different perspectives, different student experiences at North Central, and will push the limits of what Christian-campus news organizations can report on.

The first episode of the podcast is a two-part series led by Sydney Burroughs moderating a discussion between two female students. One attended the Women’s March, while the other attended the March for Life. These ladies discuss their political viewpoints, their convictions, and how Christians can be navigating the current political climate. Part 1 focuses on the Christian responsibility to vote concerning abortion, and Part 2 explores how we can find unity among women and between men and women during such a seemingly polarizing time.

Meet the Host

Sydney Burroughs is a senior at North Central University studying Business Administration. At any point in time, you can find her sipping a vanilla latte at Starbucks having a midlife crisis. If you have any ideas for a podcast or simply want to connect, reach out to her over social media!

Instagram: @sydney_burroughs

Twitter: @sydneyburrough2